How to drill a bearing

Hello everybody! I decided to show the test carbide drill, which can be purchased at about $ 1. In the people it is known as a "feather" (feather drill) and was originally intended for drilling tiles and tiles. In practice, it is already known that such a drill copes well with stone, concrete, glass. You can buy it on Ali for half a dollar and for less,Ali Express.
Than drill bearing
Also copes well with high-alloy steel. For example, drill a 5-8 millimeter thick file with no problems with such a drill. I decided to give a harder task, drill a hole in a ball from a bearing 35 mm in diameter.

Drill a ball from a bearing

Securely fix the bearing ball in the cuts of the drilling machine. We fix the drill bit in the chuck.
Than drill bearing
First, start drilling without lubrication.The drill bit throws from side to side. Strongly you should not pressure.
After the drilling point is full, add oil and continue drilling. Now you can slightly increase the effort of pressure. In general, you need to do everything carefully and slowly.
Than to drill the bearing
Periodically lift up and add oil to the hole.
How to drill the bearing
We continue to drill the bearing.
Than to drill a bearing
It's almost reached the end and the chips were falling from the bottom. A bit more and the drill will pass through. Than drill bearing The result is a through hole in the ball.
Than to drill a bearing
Than to drill a bearing
How to drill a bearing
This is such a simple technology of drilling hard alloy,steel or even tool steel.Than drill bearing Of course in life such questions do not often arise, but there are still cases. Especially if you need to drill concrete with reinforcement inside, then I recommend doing it so drill. Since it is well drilled and concrete and reinforcement inside it. The price is quite acceptable in China at least. It happens that domestic counterparts are scolded, but personally I always try to take a foreign instrument, so life experience shows that this is what should be done. See you friends!

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