How to extend the life of a refrigerator

A refrigerator is an expensive household appliance, so every customer is interested in the unit working properly and as long as possible. But it is not difficult to significantly extend the life of the device, it is enough to follow a few simple recommendations.

Care of the condenser

Surely many users themselves know what needs to be done and what the essence of refrigerator prevention is, but as a rule, this action is postponed until the last. Well, if there is an obvious malfunction that the user is unable to correct by himself, it is best to contact the specialists in the workshop.

As for the condenser, it periodically needs cleaning. After all, it performs a very important role in the work of the entire unit - it carries out heat exchange and protects the compressor from possible overheating. Timely cleaning of this element allows you to extend the life of the device for decades. But just something, you need to do this simple action 1-2 times a year.In older models, this element is located on the reverse side, and in new models - in the lower part. In the case of the new model, it will not be difficult to clean the condenser at the time of washing the floors in the kitchen. But in the case when the device is old-style, you will first have to move it away from the wall.

Before cleaning, it is better to de-energize the device, and in order not to damage the part itself, you need to carefully clean it with a vacuum cleaner or a special brush. And it is best to use both a brush and a vacuum cleaner, because the brush removes stubborn dirt. Do not forget to clean the fan along the way.

Maintain Purity

Repairing refrigeratorsCleanliness in the refrigerator is very important both for the appliance itself and for the safety of users. There is no need to apply special efforts to maintain cleanliness; it is enough to follow a few simple rules:

  • Regular defrosting will allow for the timely disposal of all expired products, thereby reducing the load on the freezer.
  • Every day you need to monitor the cleanliness of the main chamber, it will not allow the appearance of unpleasant odors, fungi and other microorganisms,from which it is very difficult to get rid of.
  • When washing the appliance, all removable parts must be removed and washed thoroughly. It is enough to wash the inner walls of the chamber with soda solution, which copes well with dirt and odors and does not leave stains.

Another important procedure is wiping the inner chamber with a solution of vinegar with a suitable lint free cloth. After this procedure, you need to ventilate the camera at least half an hour.

With good sealing, cold air stays inside the chamber, and warm air does not penetrate there. It is recommended that the compactor be cleaned with exceptionally warm water without abrasive (aggressive powders) products. To keep the seal longer in integrity, the refrigerator door needs to be opened only by pulling the handle and nothing else. The habit of opening the door with your fingers leads to a gradual deterioration of the seal.

To check how good the compactor is, just take a sheet of plain paper and clamp it with a refrigerator door. If the sheet has fallen out or is easy to pull out, the seal has worn out and it is time to change it.

How to lay out products

Repair of large household appliances The more everything is stored in the refrigerator, the less space is left for cold air. Therefore, it is not necessary to hammer the cameras to capacity, this prevents efficient cooling of the products. The content should be evenly distributed throughout the camera.

Fast-perishable products do not need to be stored on the refrigerator door; in this compartment, the temperature is not only lower, but also unstable. For milk, the middle or upper shelf is suitable, but eggs, despite the available cells from the manufacturer, are best kept in the same packages in which they are sold. Before going to the store, it is better to put the food available in the refrigerator in a prominent place, then it will not be filled with just brought products.

In a word, the most important principle of unfolding foods in a refrigerator is the observance of the optimal temperature conditions that are characteristic of each individual level. The lower shelves are the coldest, so meat and fish feel great here. And the provided drawers are an ideal place for vegetables and fruits.Often, users do not attach importance to the location of the products in the areas of the refrigerator, and the manufacturers specifically leave such information in the instructions for the appliances. In fact, the optimal and proper placement of the contents of the refrigerating chamber will not only quickly find the right product, but also not keep the sash open for a very long time with unsuccessful searches. Recommendations for individual zones must also be observed in order not to expose the device to unnecessary loads.

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