How to fill out an application for a loan in 2018

You will need
  • loan application form,
  • ball pen,
  • passport,
  • certificate of employment of income.
The first thing to do before filling in is to request a form. Each bank has a different application form, but most of the items are mandatory.
Fill in the details ofcredite, information on what the money is taken for, for how long, what amount, in what currency and what interest rate would suit the client (most banks set the interest rate on their own, and then the client can decide for himself whether such conditions are suitable for him).
Then enter your personal data - this is the surname, name, patronymic of the client, his date of birth, maiden name (if necessary).
Detail the place of birth - country, region (region), city, town.
Next, fill in the column with passport data (series, passport number, when and by whom issued, the passport validity period).
Next come the data on the client’s work (in which organization he works, by whom, what salary he receives).
Be sure to include your marital status, information about family members, their place of work and income.
Some banks request collateral (in case of non-paymentcreditas a client), it is also necessary to specify.
If amountcreditand exceeds ten thousand rubles, the data about the guarantor (sureties) are filled in: passport data,credithistory, income and employment information.
Details, the location of the bank is usually made in the form of bank employees.

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