How to find out which internet is connected?

Elena Melnichenko
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How to find out which internet is connected?

If you want to hold the Internet, you need to contact your ISP. The first step is to find out which Internet is connected to the house. And how this can be done, we will understand in our article.

Ads and Media

Very often, when you connect your house to a network, Internet service providers install information signs on houses or shields in the entrances with their own coordinates. If there is such an announcement on your home or next door, you need to call the provider�s representatives and find out if your home is connected to the network using their company.

In addition, large service providers place information about themselves in the media (on local TV, newspapers, magazines). If you come across such an ad, you need to call the company and find out if your home is connected to their network.

Provider catalogs

The network has a lot of directories in which companies that provide Internet technology services are registered.An example would be the site, which presents not only providers of Russia, but also Ukraine, Uzbekistan and other countries. You need to select the appropriate operator and see which areas and houses are connected to its network.

Site and social networks

Internet providers always have their own website. By logging on to it, you will most likely be able to find a list of all connected cities and houses.

If you are registered on social networks, you can search the page of your city, and then ask the participants about the Internet providers that work in your home.


In addition, if you are thinking about how to find out which Internet is connected to the house, then you can use the old and proven method - ask the neighbors who are connected to the network. You will also know their impression of the company�s work, and they will tell you whether to work with it.

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