How to fix the air conditioning compressor

������The most important weather in the house, but what about the weather in the car? Air conditioning is responsible for this weather, but unfortunately it is not eternal and at one point it becomes defective. In this case, it should be repaired as a matter of urgency.


Better than any repair - to prevent the problem, or its early diagnosis. Recognize possible problems with the air conditioner compressor will help attention to your car. It is necessary to listen to the sounds after turning off the air conditioner. If you hear extraneous hissing, then this may be the first sign that it will be necessary to repair the air conditioning compressor.
Another symptom of problems may be a decrease in the efficiency of the air conditioner. But in this case there may be more reasons for reducing the amount of cold than problems with the compressor. To do this, you need to check whether the level of freon is sufficient, you can determine this from a professional specialist, or you can try to pump up the freon yourself.

How to fix the problem yourself

If problems with air conditioning are caused by the compressor, then the reasons may be different. Not the most likely, but the most common cause is the human factor - improper installation, or factory defect. The same principle also applies to improper use of the air conditioner, late diagnosis and elimination of minor breakdowns, which pull more serious problems.
What should be done in this case?
- first you need to inspect the system, de-energize it beforehand, then you need to remove the refrigerant to prevent unforeseen situations;
- then proceed with the dismantling of the compressor, in this case it is necessary to disconnect all the outgoing wires from the fan and compressor, then carefully disconnect the fasteners and remove the system;
- after removal, the compressor must be cleaned of contamination using special reagents so that when disassembling it is possible to determine the cause of the breakdown. Most often, such a cause is a malfunction of a single part;
- if the problem was a breakdown of the compressor part, it must be replaced with a new one.
After all these steps have been completed, the compressor must be restored to its original state, filled with new oil, and before returning to installation it is necessary to test the system in order to make sure that it is operational.

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