How to get free and bonus minutes from MTS?

Some subscribers do not have enough free minutes provided by the MTS operator per day. Especially for those who talk a lot on the mobile and do not fit into the limit, the company has developed a service to provide additional free minutes. Like any other options, this service requires an additional connection.

Terms of use of the service and how to connect it

The option “100 minutes in the MTS network” allows subscribers to receive additional time for calls, regardless of the tariff plan used. Bonus minutes are awarded after you have used the free time limit for communication. It is worth considering that the accrued bonuses do not accumulate and can not be used the next day.

To find out more about connecting the service, we recommend that you call the short number 0890 and follow the instructions of the answering machine of the information menu.So you can independently order the service or abandon it, if necessary.

Detailed information on connecting free minutes can be obtained at the office of MTS, which is available in almost every locality in the country. Employees of the company will tell you how to use the service correctly, how much it will cost to connect and connect the selected option to your mobile.

The most effective way to self-connect the service is to use a personal account. On the official website of the MTS company there is all the necessary information about existing services and services, and when registering in your personal account, you will be able to independently and efficiently manage all operator options.

Recommendations for managing bonus minutes

Most of the tariff plans of the company MTS mean the daily charging of free minutes for calls within the network in the home region. However, for the most active users there are bonus programs.

Recently, a program that uses a certain number of points to a subscriber’s personal number for using the services of a mobile operator is gaining stable popularity.For each ruble spent on talking, sending messages, going online or shopping at an online store or company lounges, you will be credited with a certain number of points.

After accumulating them, you can transfer bonus points to your account and order additional minutes for comfortable communication. It should be noted that this is not the only service that can be obtained with bonus points. More information you can get on the official website.

It should be noted that to use the bonus points for the calculation of free minutes or other services, you should go through the registration procedure in the bonus program. This process takes only a few minutes and will not be worth the extra money. Quite the contrary, just a few clicks on the keyboard - and you can get a lot of nice bonuses from MTS for using mobile communication from this operator.

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