How to get rid of acne and black spots

The cause of these troubles is excessive sebum secretion. It is triggered by many disorders of the body, in particular, the most popular cause is hormonal imbalance. If you suffer from blackheads, blackpointsand forever oily skin, consult an endocrinologist, who will determine the ratio of hormones in your body and, if necessary, prescribe treatment.
Very often the causeacneis improper nutrition and impaired digestion. Therefore, first of all, you should carefully consider your diet and choose a special diet, which should be enough vitamin B, one of the most important for the skin, as well as a considerable amount of fiber and minerals. Have breakfast with porridge, drink green tea or tea with chamomile - soon you will not recognize your face in the mirror!
One of the most affordable and effective ways, without which, perhaps, can not do - is sufficient fluid intake. Water perfectly cleanses the body of toxins, and as a result - the rash on the skin becomes much less. In addition, water provides nutrition of the cell membrane and timely metabolism, so that the skin has the ability to update and enhance its immunity. Green tea also helps in the fight against acne and rashes - it contains natural antibacterial components, as well as special enzymes that promote good digestion.
Son. It would seem, what does he have to do with acne? In fact, in order to become the owner of a beautiful skin, you should sleep for 8-10 hours. During sleep, the skin is perfectly restored, its color improves, elasticity and ability of protection return. Perhaps this is the easiest and most pleasant way to achieve the desired result. You should sleep in a ventilated and dark room, on a clean pillowcase (as microbes can remain on it).
You have to promise yourself to perform three simple steps - cleansing, toning and good moisturizing - twice a day.Choose a special gel, mousse or scrub that you can use every day - and wash in the morning and in the evening. In the morning it is better to wash with cold water, and in the evening - warm enough. Cold water in the morning helps to wake up and close the pores, and warm in the evening - to clear the pores from makeup and impurities. In no case should tonic or lotion be aggressive, although a small proportion of alcohol in their composition is highly desirable. It is necessary to moisturize the skin so that it does not begin to produce even more fat, and also so that it remains smooth and taut.
With black dots scrubs fight well. The granules contained in them exfoliate the dead layer and help the pore to get rid of the contaminants stuck in it. Scrub can be used 2-3 times a week, and then narrowed peeled pores with tonic and moisturize with cream. Fighting the black spots is necessary not only because of aesthetic considerations, but also so that they do not turn into serious and, moreover, deep inflammations. Do well with black dots and a variety of masks - for example, from different grades of clay (black, white, blue or green), as well as from oatmeal.

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