How to get rid of acne scars at home

Acne sufferers clean their face at home, which often leads to scarring. It is enough to do several wrong actions, and a bruise or a bruise immediately appears on the spot of the pimple. That is why the topic of how to get rid of acne scars on the face and body at home is relevant.

Why do acne leave unpleasant scars? The appearance of scars on the face and body is preceded by a cleansing, in which the basic rules and requirements are not followed.

  • Steam skin before the procedure.
  • Remove acne only with your fingers. Do not use nails.
  • After cleansing, treat the skin with an antiseptic and wipe it with a piece of ice so that the pores narrow.

Not everyone follows these rules, trying to get rid of the pimple as quickly as possible. As a result, bruises and scars appear on the face and body, which have to be masked with powder.

Completely get rid of scars at home is unrealistic. It will only make the scars less noticeable, using simple to prepare, but very effective folk remedies.

It has long been known that bee products are beneficial to the body. Even Cleopatra took baths with the addition of honey and donkey milk. This mixture miraculously affected the skin, rejuvenating it. According to Einstein, without bees, people can survive for no more than four years.

Recipe with honey and beeswax against scars

Use honey and beeswax to treat scars and scars. The main thing is that the products do not cause an allergic disorder.

  1. Mix one part of the wax with four parts of vegetable oil and melt it using a water bath. After cooling, the resulting mass wrap in a napkin and attach to the scars. Conducting a 15-minute procedure daily, get a noticeable result.
  2. Four parts of honey to connect with one part of grated nutmeg, and the resulting composition daily rub into the scars. The duration of treatment is approximately two weeks.
  3. Another mixture consists of honey, calendula oil, almond oil, geranium, vitamin E and myrrh. Drug applied to scars.

Using these wonderful recipes, scars and acne scars will become less noticeable.

This is not the end of traditional medicine.I will share three time-tested effective formulations.

  • An excellent remedy for acne scars on the face and body - a mixture made from oil and pumpkin seeds and eggshell. Make a powder of the mixture of ingredients and apply it to the damaged place as a compress.
  • Avian Highlander has unimaginable regenerative properties. Buy at the pharmacy, zaparte and applied to the skin. The drug will help to remove pigment spots.
  • Egg yolks oil. Boil the egg, get the yolk and cut it in half. To bring the fire to the yolk, as a result of it will begin to stand out liquid. Collect fluid in a container and use to wipe scars.

I told how to get rid of acne scars at home with the help of four folk remedies. In the next part of the article we will consider not less effective and proven methods.

Effective ways to get rid of acne scars on the face

Acne is half the problem. Many, having got rid of the misfortune, begin to rejoice, but in vain. Often, these skin lesions leave a trail in the form of a blue spot, nodule formation, a bright red scar, or a depression in the skin.

Knowing how to get rid of acne scars on the face, and how to treat the problem yourself at home is very important. Of course, in any beauty salon will offer a number of cosmetic services, quickly eliminate scars, but it is expensive. In addition, procedures such as phototherapy or laser polishing aggressively affect the skin of the face.

If you prefer traditional medicine, take a look at the simplest ways of dealing with the scourge that will save money and time, and return the original look to your face.

  1. . Leaves of the miraculous plant to grind, and the resulting gruel to apply to the scars for thirty minutes.
  2. Vitamin "E". Sold in any pharmacy in the form of capsules or oil. Capsules to drink, and from oil to make daily lotions. It is useful to include in the diet foods that contain a lot of vitamin A - apples, parsley, berries, beans and green vegetables.
  3. Lemon mask. Flesh lemon with sour cream and beat thoroughly in a blender. The number of ingredients is the same. The mask is recommended to be applied on the skin every day for a third of an hour.
  4. Lavender Gadgets. Soaked cotton balls dipped in lavender essential oil daily to the problem point. Camellia oil is also suitable for this purpose. It is sold in pharmacies.Using small cotton pads, moistened in oil, make lotion.
  5. Cucumber or tomato mask. The flesh of the cucumber or fresh tomato is thoroughly crushed and applied daily to the place where the scar is located. To enhance the effect of the ingredients to mix. A similar mask is made from pineapple.
  6. Multicomponent mask. Mix a tablespoon of commercial or homemade yoghurt with a similar amount of lemon juice, low-fat sour cream and oatmeal. Mask do every two days.
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If you have money, go to a beauty salon. Otherwise, cure the skin of the house. Do not be discouraged and in every way hinder the development of complexes.

Get rid of acne scars on your back

Improper extrusion of acne, disinfection and treatment often contributes to the appearance of spots, scars and pits. If you can cope with scars and deep pits only with the help of special masks under the guidance of a qualified doctor, you can eliminate minor effects yourself.

Consider in detail how to deal with the presented scourge. Knowledge will come in handy, especially if summer is a great time for a good holiday.Strangers on the beach look at the scarred back is not very pleasant, the problem causes discomfort and leads to shyness.

  • Masks of green clay and rosemary essential oil. Helps to cope with acne scars on the back. Mix a spoonful of clay with a small spoonful of water and five drops of oil. Apply the mixture to the problem zone for 15 minutes.
  • Lightening masks. To prepare the first option, combine egg white with two spoons of lemon juice. The second mask is prepared from a spoon of cosmetic clay, a spoon of water and four spoons of lemon juice. The third - from starch and tomatoes in the same proportions. Masks cause a problem zone and wait a quarter of an hour.
  • Mixture of essential oils. A good remedy against scars on the back. Spoon the sunflower oil with two drops of rosemary oil, a drop of peppermint oil, a drop of lavender oil and a similar amount of clove oil. A means to rub into the skin.
  • Mask made of honey and cinnamon. It will help get rid of defects after acne. The ingredients listed are mixed in the same proportions, and the finished mixture is covered with leather for 20 minutes. The procedure is carried out every other day.
  • Apple vinegar. One part of apple cider vinegar combined with three parts of water. Ready solution to wipe problem skin every morning.
  • Healing herbs. Two spoons of dry St. John's wort pour a glass of alcohol and insist half a month in a dark place. Use herbal tincture to wipe the skin.

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If these methods do not help, then it's time to go to the doctor. He can determine the cause of the disease and prescribe treatment of a complex nature.

How to remove scars from acne on the body

Acne and similar skin lesions do not always pass without a trace. In some cases, after complete healing, small scars remain. Most often they appear after squeezing out immature acne. External intervention in the upper layer of the epidermis provokes the appearance of inflammatory processes with further scarring of the wound.

It is possible to remove scars on the face and body through medicine, although home methods can help. To completely eliminate the unpleasant effect, you will have to use cosmetology procedures in combination with special creams, clay masks and folk recipes.

  1. Moisturizing massage. Better to do with olive oil.It will help get rid of scars on the body and back and thoroughly moisturize the skin.
  2. Vitamin "E". Promotes the treatment of scars, removing redness and softening the skin. Pour a few drops of oil on your hands and massage. After the procedure, remove the excess funds with a cotton pad or tissue.
  3. . Make a longitudinal incision on the leaf of the plant, apply the pulp to the damaged place.
  4. Alignment of the epidermis. To get rid of scars and scars on the body will help cucumber juice. Skip the cucumber through the grater and attach to the problem point. Similar properties in tomato juice.
  5. Toning of the skin. Every morning, wipe the skin with mint juice or cosmetic ice, which will narrow the pores and smooth out the scars on the body and face.
  6. Clay mask. It will help to clean and moisturize the skin and narrow pores. A spoonful of honey mixed with two spoons of cosmetic clay, then dilute the mixture with sour cream and water. Mask to impose on the body or back, and after half an hour, rinse with water.
  7. Sour cream mask. Mix a tablespoon of sour cream, as much honey and a teaspoon of vinegar. Spread mix on the skin through a cotton pad in a circular motion. After 15 minutes, wash off.
  8. Egg white mask. Beat one protein thoroughly and apply with cotton cloth to the body. After drying the mixture, apply a repeated layer. After a third of an hour, rinse with water.
  9. Mask from yoghurt. Ingredients - sour cream, honey, yogurt and lemon juice in equal quantities. Mix and apply on the skin, rinse off after 10 minutes.

If the effect of the funds does not bring, seek qualified assistance from a dermatologist.

How to remove acne scars

Acne scars are a rare occurrence. When inflammatory processes take place in the human body, granulation tissues rapidly grow in the area of ​​the skin formation. As a result, the size of the wound decreases, but at this point the amount of elastin and collagen fibers increases. At the same time, the epidermis is replaced slowly, which leads to scars.

There are a lot of ways to deal with the traces of acne on the face, body and legs in beauty salons, but folk remedies are worth considering.

  • Lemon juice. Lemon juice to wipe areas of skin with defects. Alternatively, cut the fruit in half and rub the halves into the skin. Lemon helps fight scars on the legs and cleansing the skin.
  • Tomato juice. From fresh tomatoes make juice, then cover the affected areas. A natural remedy will further improve the performance of the pores.
  • Cucumber Extract. Apply to foot for 15 minutes. Then wash the feet in cold water. The method is most effective against dark scars on the legs.
  • Parsley. Grind and pour a glass of boiling water. After half an hour, fill the ice molds with liquid and freeze in the refrigerator. Wipe your feet with ice daily during the quarter.
  • Sandalwood paste. The most effective remedy for scars on the legs. Sandalwood powder soak in water overnight. Use the paste to lubricate problem skin. After drying, rinse the feet with water.
  • Almond oil. Apply during a light massage. Promotes quick removal of acne. The skin of the legs is actively massaged using circular motions. Almond oil can be used to fight black dots.
  • Fenugreek seeds. Helps to remove scars after acne, disfiguring feet. Season with water and boil a little. After cooling, rinse feet with broth. To enhance the effect, repeat the procedure several times a day.
  • Banana puree. Prepare fresh fruit puree and apply on the problem area of ​​the feet. After 10 minutes, rinse off with cold water.

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In order for home treatment to take place gently and gradually, additionally use products that contain fruit acids. This will speed up the fight against scars, even out skin color, narrow pores.

Medical Scar Treatments

The final part of the article is devoted to the use of creams, ointments and medical treatments. They will help if home medicine has proved to be ineffective or ineffective.

  • Rescuer. Universal remedy from natural products. Contributes to the tightening of wounds and the treatment of scars.
  • Countertubex. A drug based on heparin and onion extract. The tool is characterized by a healing and absorbing effect.
  • Clearwin. Herbal based ointment from India.

If these drugs are ineffective, you should resort to the help of modern medicine, which offers a number of ways to deal with scars and scars on the body and face. Choose a method based on the depth of the scars.

  1. Chemical peel. Conducted in clinics or beauty salons.Provides for the use of a special acid, which removes the top layer of skin. The duration of the process does not exceed 3 minutes. You can make peeling at home, but not chemical.
  2. Subsidy. The way to deal with scars is to separate the defects from the skin, under which the blood that forms the connective tissue subsequently accumulates.
  3. Laser cleaning. Most effective against old scars. However, if there are problems with blood vessels or other skin diseases, use is contraindicated. The procedure removes damaged skin that is subsequently replaced by new tissues.
  4. Augmentation. The treatment is long and is used for defects of a serious nature. To remove the patient’s fatty tissue is inserted under the scar, which smooths the skin.
  5. Ultrasonic peeling. It is carried out using a special device - a source of high-frequency sound vibrations. Horny skin layers are removed, which stimulates the growth of new cells.
  6. Dermabrasion. Treatment is based on the use of a device that removes keratinized skin. After treatment, the treated area is covered with a crust.Over time, it exfoliates, and instead of the scar there appears a smooth skin.
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The story of how to get rid of acne scars at home has come to an end. I hope the tips will help to look perfect.

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