How to get rid of the cyst folk remedies

Raspberries and groundrose: For four months, drink infusion of raspberry and groundwort daily. For the preparation of the infusion pour a glass of boiling water 1 tbsp. Labaznika and 1 tbsp. raspberry leaves. This infusion is necessary to prepare every day and drink during the day, dividing it into 3-4 doses.
Flowers of acacia and burdock Burdock is a very effective folk remedycysts. You need to prepare the juice from the leaves of burdock and take it within a month 3 times a day and 1 tbsp. It is recommended to store the juice of burdock in the refrigerator, while it is worth considering that a portion of freshly squeezed juice is stored for no more than three days, which means you should not squeeze the juice in large quantities.
To enhance the effect of taking juice burdock should be combined with the use of tincture of acacia flowers. To prepare this tincture, it is necessary to pour vodka on acacia flowers (4 tbsp per 500 g of vodka). In a week, the tincture will be ready.Take the resulting tincture of 1 tbsp. 3 times a day.
Celandine juice, honey and propolis It is necessary to mix a glass of celandine juice and 60 ml of propolis on alcohol. To the mixture, add 200 g of not too candied honey. During the month, consume 1 tsp. Store the mixture is recommended in the refrigerator.
Wormwood In the fight against a cyst, you can achieve significant improvements with the help of wormwood compresses that are made during the month. Fill with a small amount of boiling water a bunch of wormwood, wait 5 minutes. Then put the wormwood in gauze, cool a little.

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