How to harden a screwdriver bit

How to harden metal with your own hands

The hardening process is extremely simple and will not require you to have special knowledge or special techniques work. But you will have to be very careful when working with a hot metal and a gas burner.So, what do you need for hardening?
  • - The bits themselves first.
  • - Heater. Ideally, use an induction heater, but if you do not have it, you can use a gas burner like me.
  • - Engine oil. Any suitable, it is better to even use the waste, as it is thinner.
Let's start the quenching of the metal. To hold the bat above the burner, it is necessary to make a device for holding. I will do it from ordinary steel wire, wrapping a few turns around the bits.
How to harden a screwdriver bit
How to Harden a Bit of a Screwdriver
In principle, you can simply hold the pliers by the thick end of the bits, so that only a portion of the bit that is hardened is quenched, which interacts with screws and screws. We light the gas burner.We bring the bat up and start to reheat the metal.
How to Harden a Bit of a ScrewdriverHow to Harden a Bit of a ScrewdriverHow to Harden a Bit of a Screwdriver Gray to a bright pinkish color. It is not recommended to warm up to white, although you will hardly be able to do it on such a burner. As soon as everything warms up, we quickly lower it into oil for 5-6 seconds. Then we take out. You can use another process: 4 seconds into the oil, and then abruptly into the cold water, say the effect is better, but I, again, did not try.
How to Harden a Bit of a Screwdriver
How to harden a screwdriver bit That's it. The process is complete. It only remains to wipe the bit from the oil and start using it.
How to harden a screwdriver bit
It looks darker.
How to harden a screwdriver bit
I want to add that not all bits are quenchable. I do not know what is mixed in them, but there are instances, hardening for which is not simply not affected, but even destroys them, and they become like plasticine after heat treatment. I would also like to add,that this method does not lie next to factory hardening, so do not wait for the same hardness of the metal. Since even the metal is not the same as the factory. But the effect of increasing the hardness, and therefore the time of operation is still there.

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