How to hide clothes figure flaws

Ladies of small stature do not need to wear only high heel shoes for visual body shaping - only if the legs are too short relative to the body. If the "inch" is folded in proportion, then it will go and shoes like moccasins and ballet flats. What is definitely contraindicated is a square large neckline and thick fabrics for dresses. But the costumes with a long basky and armhole "bat" will help to somewhat stretch the figure in the eyes of others.

Slimming allows women to wear almost any current model. However, some want to give their body roundness, and this is possible when choosing dresses and costumes with draperies, skirts in the assembly, fold and flared, wide coats, large decorative details (scarves, shawls, jewelry, patch pockets and large buttons). At the same time, it is better to avoid closed shoes, black outfits, straight cut, large cleavage and lack of sleeves.

Extra kilos on the body will mask dresses and coats of lightweight fabrics of a straight silhouette without a belt. They pick up large bags and matte shoes. The draperies, folds, kimonos, short skirts, bouqled and long-nap fabrics, narrow silhouettes and tight underwear fall on the wardrobe’s stop-list.

Full or muscular legs often cause complexes in women. Visually reduce the thickness of the calf can be, if you wear stockings of dark shades and without shine, but with a seam. Between lacquer and crocodile shoes and shoes of neutral color or to match the clothes, it is more practical to choose the latter so that they do not attract attention to the legs. With excessively thin legs, heavy shoes made of thick material or with a difficult finish are contraindicated. But the bright stockings will give a pleasant full slim calf.

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