How to improve the effectiveness of training at home


Training Effectiveness Conditions

The effectiveness of training depends largely on how conscientiously you perform the exercises. Remember that it is not the quantity that matters, but the quality of the approaches. Try to do your best, be careful to do the exercises correctly. If you study at home on your own, make sure that there is a large mirror nearby. Watch your breath. It is very important the main part of the exercise, which is accompanied by great effort, to perform on the exhale.

We increase the effectiveness of training

The effectiveness of training can be improved with the help of weighting. It is not necessary to have a professional lining on the arms and legs. In some cases, it is enough to use ordinary dumbbells. For example, put them on the front of the thigh when performing the gluteal bridge and increase the effectiveness of the exercise at times.

It is important to choose the right time for sports.If you are tired, very hungry, or you feel unwell, a good workout will not work. At home, it is important to choose a place and time so that you do not interfere. Do not attempt to engage in your favorite TV series or news program. You should focus on doing the exercises, and not follow the fate of the cinematic heroes.

Spend enough time training. Need to engage at least an hour to thoroughly sweat. If you have 3 hours a week, exercise every day for 60 minutes, and not every day for 30. Effective will be the variation in the duration of your workout by day, for example, 60, 90, 120 minutes and again in descending order.

Circuit training

Recently, circle training has become increasingly popular. They consist in alternating cardio and strength exercises. A complex of several exercises on different muscle groups is performed without interruption. Then after a minute of rest, you need to take a second approach, and so on.

Stretching will help improve the effectiveness of training, which should be performed not only before and after class, but also in the middle of the complex. Reach for a sense of mild discomfort.You can alternate between different complexes and on days of the week. During the breaks in which you pay attention to other muscle groups, you will have time to recover.

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