How to improve the life of a person with a schizoid character?

������You are a schizoid, if your way of thinking is not similar to that possessed by others. Many people consider you strange and do not always understand what you are trying to explain. Noisy parties are alien to you, where your inner world is more occupied by you. However, confusion and chaos reigns most often both inside and outside. You suffer because of your awkwardness and carelessness. Your appearance - hair, clothes, cleanliness of your shoes - you do not care at all. But you are a real generator of ideas and a creator.
Your advantages:
- originality
- outstanding creative abilities
- depth of thinking
Your cons:
- absent-mindedness
- emotional dryness
- unacceptable appearance
- Problems with the coordination of movement and speech.
What to do?
Try to curb your thoughts. Lay them out on points and "shelves", give them a readable look. Because of this, it will be easier for you to bring them to others.Notebooks, diaries, voice recorders and tables will help you.
Do not go against your nature, choosing a profession. Your skills will be useful in programming, science and art. Schizoids are great inventors, writers and artists.
Pay attention to how you look. The expression "meet on clothes" is still in force. Do not scare away torn trousers and tatty hair of those who can appreciate your brilliant ideas. It would be better if you entrust the choice of clothes and hairstyles to someone from your loved ones or specialists. Do not forget about personal hygiene and periodically look at yourself in the mirror.
It is also quite possible to correct the awkwardness of movements and speech imperfections. First, go in for sports. Best of all in your case fit gymnastics, yoga or dancing. You can do as a teacher, or independently. For the development of speech, tongue twisters and verse reading are well suited.
Various trainings and exercises will help to develop emotionality. For example, imagine that you are in a good mood, for one minute rejoice, smile with all your might. Then imagine that you are sad, I want to cry.Another minute, angry, shout, build evil grimaces. Take a peaceful look for a moment and so on. Allocate this "disgrace" for 15 minutes a day.
To begin to feel better about other people and to transfer your attention from the inner to the outer world, practice in the photos. Look at the pictures of various people. What emotions do they reflect? What do they feel? What is their mood? Try to identify. After you get comfortable with the photos, do the same with your interlocutors.

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