How to install the antenna?

In this article we will try to tell you in detail about how to install a satellite television antenna with three converters without the use of additional devices, as well as connect and configure the receiver. In our example, we use three standard satellites Hotbird, Sirius, Amos, which in total broadcast more than 25 channels in Russian.

Possible places to install a satellite dish

Before you install a satellite dish yourself, you need to know that this type of television antennas are very picky about the terrain. For example, if a tree stands in the path of a signal from a satellite, then it may partially or even completely “close” the reception. If there is interference in the signal path, then you need to eliminate them, as well as increase the diagonal of the mirror (cymbal).

The direction for the TV dish on certain satellites can be obtained from the sellers for the implementation of satellite equipment. In most cases, satellite dishes are initially sent to the south. This means that on your south side there should be no buildings and other dense interferences.

Satellite TV Kit

This kit includes six items:

  1. A mirror (dish) is necessary for receiving and reflecting a satellite signal. The diagonal of the plate should be from 0.6 m to 1.2 m. It depends on the obstacles that are on the way (houses, trees), and local relief.
  2. Converter (head). With it, the signal reflected from the plate is converted and sent to the receiver. Converters have a different number of outputs through which you can connect one or more receivers.
  3. Diske (DiSEq) is necessary in order to be able to connect several converters.
  4. Cable. Types of cables set. When choosing them, you are guided by their length and price.
  5. The brackets are necessary to fix the plate to the wall. Their choice depends on the size of the plate itself. Detailed information on their choice, before properly installing the antenna, you can get from the seller of satellite television equipment.
  6. DVB-receiver - the most expensive part in the kit. The most common Globo receiver is suitable for receiving free channels, and for paid channels you need a receiver with a card reader.

F-connectors (F-ki) are needed to connect the cable and convector with the receiver, DiSEq-ohm and other components. In total, they need 8 pieces, but you can take 2-3 more things in stock. To isolate cable connections with F-kami, you need to buy shrink. For mounting to the wall bracket will need an anchor.

How to install a television antenna?

The antenna is installed in the area of ​​open and free visibility to the south. For this reason, the most suitable places to install the antenna are the window, the balcony and the roof. If you live on the ground floor, then the best place to install the antenna will be the roof of your high-rise building. To install a plate there you will need:

  • Sirius - 1st convector;
  • Hotbird - 2nd convector;
  • Amos - 3rd convector;
  • Eutelsat - 4th convector;
  • spanners on 10 mm and 13 mm;
  • cross-head screwdriver;
  • a hammer;
  • adjustable wrench;
  • clippers;
  • knife for stripping cable connectors;
  • 220V extension cord for 3 sockets;
  • receiver with remote control;
  • small tv.

The most successful place to install a satellite dish on the roof is the elevator shaft. On it, you determine the place where the antenna is best installed, and mark up the space for all the holes for the brackets.After that, drill them with a perforator, hammer in the anchors inside and fix the brackets with anchor bolts.

The anchor bolt is inside the cup. On one side of the bolt there is a thickening cone, and on the other side a thread for a nut. The nut is loosened, but not completely unscrewed. After that, the anchor bolt is driven into the drilled hole. The bolt glass should be flush with the wall and the threaded nut should be outside the hole. The principle of fastening on anchor bolts is the following: you tighten the nut with a wrench and a cone, which is located at the end of the bolt, enters the cup and maximally tears it inside the drilled hole. Therefore, mounting the antenna on a self-expanding anchor is much more reliable than on screws that are screwed into plastic dowels.

How to install a TV antenna on the balcony? In this case, you can fix easier and safer. Through holes are drilled in the wall, through which threaded rods and of corresponding length are threaded. After that, it will be necessary to fasten the entire structure with nuts on both sides.

Satellite antenna setup

We figured out how to install the antenna.Now it will need to be configured, that is, "target." The very "shooting" start with a central head. It should have a setting on Sirius. The receiver has a frequency of 11766, and the speed is 27500. Polarization must be "H". On the receiver itself, two bands; red indicates satellite signal and dish connection, and yellow indicates signal strength. If you connect the dish correctly, the signal level should be about 40%. You will only need to adjust the signal quality, which is currently at zero.

To do this, go to the plate. To begin searching for the best signal level, the antenna turns up and to the left until it stops. Then we start looking for a signal by slowly turning it all the way from left to right. If in this case the signal could not be found, then the plate is lowered along the fixture by 2-3 mm (there are markings on the plate fastener up to the bracket with numbers to facilitate “zeroing”), and it is turned all the way from right to left. After that, you can lower it even lower until the signal appears.

If you catch a signal, a yellow bar should appear, and the signal quality will be at about 21%.Antenna in this position will need to be fixed. Then we slightly lower and turn slightly to the left. If the quality is reduced, then the plate returns to its initial position.

Then turn slightly to the right, raising and lowering up and down. If you find a signal at 40%, then to increase it, you should turn the converter. It is turned first clockwise, and then against it. Notice in which position the quality of the received signal has increased. If the design allows, then the converter can be brought closer to the mirror or removed from it. Normal quality of the received signal is considered to be 65-70%. Enjoy your viewing!

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