How to jump with a parachute?

In everyday life, so often there is a lack of positive emotions, adventures, adrenaline. And we will devote this article to such a sport as parachuting, and talk about how to jump with a parachute. On other options, how to get a buzz from life, learn from the article on our site, following the link "How to get a buzz?".

Scary to jump with a parachute? The answer is simple, of course, yes! After all, flight is not a natural state for a person, but this is the beauty of this sport. If you decide to jump with a parachute, you should be aware that this sport is life threatening, so listen carefully to the instructions and do everything as taught, and the probability of injury will be reduced to a minimum. For an ordinary person there are two ways how to jump with a parachute:

  • Pay for the arranged kind of jump (more on this below) and make it.
  • Join the skydiving training club, study the theory, and then start jumping (you’ll jump as much as you like).

It all depends on your mood: this desire at times, or you want to devote a decent part of your life to this sport. Now in detail about what are the jumps.

Kinds of jumps

  • Landing.This jump is performed from a height of 800-900 m. The parachute opens either forcibly or independently within 3-5 seconds after the jump. As you understand, this type of jump does not imply free fall as such. Used amphibious parachute.
  • In tandem. This jump is carried out in tandem with an instructor from a height of 4000 m (as a rule). This jump is more expensive than the first option, and assumes about a minute of free fall. Parachute opens the instructor. Used parachute-wing.

Before you take the jump, you have to listen to instructions and learn the theory (its minimum). Instructing is divided into parts:

  • The structure of the parachute.
  • Loading in the aircraft, the behavior in it, the rules, how to separate from the aircraft.
  • Instructing on the opening of parachutes (main and reserve).
  • Parachute control (theory and training).
  • Actions in special situations.
  • Landing (theory and training).
  • Instructor conditional signals.

Often, people doubt: is it possible to jump with a parachute. Here are the main contraindications:

  • Epilepsy.
  • Mental illness.
  • Deafness and middle ear disease.
  • Diseases and problems with the musculoskeletal system. Including, if there were injuries of the legs, spine, pelvis in the past.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • A cold (if you are sick on the day of the jump).

Before the jump, you will have to submit a certificate of your health, as well as a small medical examination. And another important question regarding where jumping with a parachute. After all, it often happens that you want to jump, but do not know where. Jumps are made at the aerodrome, but not at each, if there is no aerodrome in your city, or there is no parachute jumping on it, you can go to the nearest cities where they are carried out.

How to jump with a parachute

  1. First, listen to your instructor or trainer, follow his instructions.
  2. Follow the instructions and be very collected.
  3. Dress properly: shoes should be comfortable, on a thick sole, and high (to maintain the ankle), and also sit firmly on the foot (shoes with lacing are desirable). Clothing should not hold down movements.
  4. The day before the jump, and, directly, before it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol.

If you have not seen the video, how to jump with a parachute, then it's time to watch it (it is contained in the article). However, if you definitely decided to jump, then soon you will see it with your own eyes, and I assure you, emotions will exceed all your expectations! In addition, the video will never give the feelings and emotions that you get by jumping with a parachute.

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