How to lay flat slate

Flat slate has good strength. He can safely bear the weight of an adult. Also, it is worth noting that this material practically does not heat up in hot weather. This roofing material has good sound insulation.
The advantages of the material is also technology laying. It is quite simple. However, this technology still has its own characteristics. They must be taken into account when laying slate. The design must have a steam and waterproofing. Also do not forget about the insulation. Slate is laid on top of these materials. As the support of the roof are inclined beams - rafters. Then the crate is made. It is best to use wooden bars and planks to create it. It is already possible to lay the roofing material on the crate.
Before laying it is necessary to prepare sheets of slate. They should not be any kind of damage, fragments, cracks.After that, you need to measure the length and width of the sheets and drill holes for the screws. The size of sheets must be adjusted to the size of the roof. If necessary, the slate can be trimmed.
It is recommended to make the slope of the roof slope from 12 to 45 degrees. It depends on the slope, how much slate sheets will be needed. Also, the technology of laying roofing material also depends on the slope. It is worth noting that slate is best used to cover roofs of simple construction.
This roofing material must be laid from bottom to top from the eaves to the ridge of the roof. If the slope of the slope is large, then be prepared to increase the consumption of roofing material. Slate can be fixed with ordinary nails or screws. Between the mount should be a distance of more than 6 cm. Sheets are recommended to overlap. When laying it is best to shift the edges of the sheets in all rows.

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