How to learn Italian?

So for some reason you wanted to learn Italian. Now you are faced with a lot of questions: is it possible to master a new foreign language on your own, is it worth going to courses and what you may need in the process of studying. If your desire to speak in Italian is great, then you can learn the language at home. The official language of Italy is distinguished by ease of pronunciation, so even with home schooling it is a big plus for a beginner. If you understand that you are among those people who find it difficult to force themselves to study without the participation of a teacher, it is better to go to Italian language courses.

And now how to learn Italian yourself. Homeschooling provides extensive technical capabilities: computer, internet, disks. For classes, you also need an Italian textbook (tutorial), a notebook and a pen.

Independent study of Italian: tips

  • Give yourself the time of daily Italian classes (an hour and a half). Plan your schedule for the upcoming week in advance.This should be done in such a way that other aspects of your life do not suffer. Use convenient for you methods of reminders that will not let you forget that it is time to devote time to learning. Prepare a cozy workplace and try not to be distracted.
  • Get a good Italian language tutorial or tutorial. When choosing, you can rely on reviews about them on the Internet. Read the description of the textbook that interests you. The presentation of the material may differ: in some textbooks the material is more interesting and modern, while in others it is more dry. However, all the same, you will have to perform the same actions: study the grammar, do exercises for their fixing and replenish vocabulary.
  • Set short-term goals. For example, in a week learn from 50 to 100 lexical units. You will notice your progress that will support the motivation. There will be a feeling of satisfaction that will make you even more confident on the way to the goal. Remember, the lessons of Italian should bring you joy, not torment.
  • Purchase discs. Listen to the material and repeat what the announcer says.It is preferable that the disks come in the same set with the textbook. Use the broad possibilities of the Internet, because there are many educational audio recordings.
  • Learning the rules must constantly alternate with practice. Therefore, do the exercises.
  • Watch Italian channels, including films in Italian. Get emotional pleasure in the learning process, because it will help the assimilation of new material. Listen to the songs in Italian and, of course, translate them. Write out new words and learn. Soon you will begin to memorize the songs and will hum them yourself. Just imagine how you, along with Albano, Adriano Celentano, Luciano Pavarotti, Eros Ramazzotti and other famous Italian performers, will sing the world's most popular couplets.
  • Read the literature. To begin with, simple and short fairy tales in Italian will do. It is best to use bilingual texts with parallel Russian translation. Training in reading and memorizing words will gradually lead you to such a level that you will no longer pay attention to the translation.
  • In order to master the language will help you online lessons and Italian Internet resources. Read the news. Meet native speakers.

Thus, if information in Italian comes literally from all sides, then the brain adapts more easily, which is why language acquisition is faster.

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