How to learn to do flips forward, backward, sideways

How to do flips

How to do flips

How to learn to do flips



Flip in Italian means jump, in acrobatics this term is called a jump with a coup body. This trick is considered the most effective and most often used by athletes. In order to learn how to do flips at home, you need to have sufficiently good physical training and such qualities as determination, diligence and patience. Therefore, it is very important for a person who is not physically prepared to begin with to begin with, it is necessary to strengthen his muscles and work out the coordination of movements, and then begin to work out the technique for performing the somersault.


To strengthen the body it is very useful to do swimming, jogging and to devote time to a complex of exercises from gymnastics every day.

After hard training, when all the muscles come in tone, you can begin to include in the cycle, daily exercises performed preparatory tumbles on the floor. The technique of their implementation is as follows:


  • The legs are bent together and the arms are pulled forward.
  • Head leans forward.
  • After that, a roll is performed.


It is important to perform the exercise carefully, without making sudden jerks, so as not to harm yourself and not get the displacement of the vertebrae. After you can do somersaults with ease, with sharp movements and your muscles will get used to this kind of load and movements, you can start learning the backflip. There are a lot of types of somersaults, the most common ones are:


  • front flip
  • back flip
  • side somersault.


Consider the technology of performing each of them.


How to learn to do forward flips



How to do a flip forward

How to do a flip forward



Starting to learn how to perform this interesting trick is best with the front backflip, as it is the easiest of all kinds. To perform it you need:


  • Prepare special mats to protect against bruises and abrasions. After that, you can start to perform the trick.
  • Exercise should start well dispersed.
  • After that, before the mats, a jump is made with arms extended, legs with force pushing off from the floor, and somersaults are performed.


If learning how to do a forward flip didn’t work right away you don’t have to despair,and you need to take all the power of will in your hands and continue to perform workouts


How to learn to do back flips



How to do back flips

How to do back flips



Once the front flip has been mastered and subjugated, you can try to learn how to do back flips. It is best to start learning this trick with preparatory jumps, and then proceed to the trick itself. To do this, follow the instructions below:


  • Jumps are performed from the squatting position. After you kicked up with your feet, you need to straighten your body and raise your arms up. The next training leap is performed with muscle grouping. To do this, after jumping the legs are pressed to the shoulders, and straightened before landing.
  • After the jumps have been mastered, you can begin to make back flips. To do this, first of all you need to take the correct starting position. The legs are slightly bent at the knees, and the arms are slightly retracted.
  • After that, you need to push off from the floor to make a jump back, and with your hands and make a cutting stroke with your hands.
  • In a jump, the legs are grouped, pressed against the body and captured by the hands.
  • During the revolution, the body straightens for a moment and after the coup, when you approach the ground, the legs must be bent slightly again so as not to injure yourself.


How to learn to do side flips



How to do side flips

How to do side flips



First of all, before performing side flips, you need to decide which way you will do it easier. Athletes often perform the trick from the right side. As well as before performing the previous tricks, in order to learn how to do a somersault sideways, it is necessary to master the following training exercises:

  • Swipe hands.The exercise begins to be performed from the position of the fighting stance. The right hand goes down, and the left goes around the bottom and goes up. Then the body leans towards God, the left foot is wrapped around with the right hand, and the other hand rises up.
  • GroupingTo do this, do squats with alternate clasp of the legs in front and behind.
  • Top.For him it is necessary to lie down on the floor and put his hands and legs to the sides to start spinning, at the end of the exercise the legs are pressed with one hand and the spinning repeats a few more seconds.

Learning how to make an Arabic somersault will become much easier after mastering the side flips.


Before you begin to learn how to perform any type of flip, you must be confident in yourself and your abilities,Overcome all possible fears of failure or height and only then can we safely embark on training.

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