How to learn to hear in 2018

Forget about your own "I" during the dialogue. His, like your opinion on the issues that are discussed, simply does not exist. Literally breathe the words of the interlocutor. Think about what he meant by this or that word, ask him questions, maintain dialogue.
Support the topics that the interviewee offers. Ultimately, the only way to get to know a person is to help him speak directly and openly. And the fact that you give him support and show your interest in what is happening, you do just that.
Do not interrupt the interlocutor. Listen to it to the end, if the topic gets into a dead end, unobtrusively suggest changing the topic.
Do not condemn either the word or the gesture of the word of your interlocutor. Remember that all he says is invaluable information that he himself gives you. Listen to him carefully, and when answering a question, try to use words from his vocabulary. Do it gently and unobtrusively.
Maintain interest in the interlocutor. Find any part in it and project your interest in the part to the whole interlocutor. In this way, you don’t have to pretend to be interested - you will be that way anyway.

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