How to lose 10 pounds per month

To lose weight by doing physical exercise, but not following a diet, it is impossible. First of all, you need to radically revise your diet. Categorically abandon the flour, sweet, fatty, salty, fried, pickled, carbonated drinks, sweet fruit juices.

What remains in the diet? Boiled eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, natural yogurt, boiled chicken meat, lean beef, turkey and game, boiled fish. The use of these foods, saturated with protein, contributes to the loss of fat, not muscle mass. Fresh vegetables, stewed, boiled, green apples, chamomile tea should be taken only at breakfast, which contributes to normal digestion.

From the listed products make up the menu, cook dishes, combining the taste of products. For example, a stew of vegetables with boiled chicken or fish with boiled carrots, cottage cheese casserole with an apple. Meal must certainly be every three hours.For example, 8.00 full breakfast, 11.00 second breakfast (snack), 14.00 full lunch, 17.00 afternoon snack (snack), 20.00 dinner, 23.00 second dinner (snack), if necessary. During the snack it is enough to drink a glass of kefir or yogurt. The body gets used to the regime and starts a good metabolism. Pure water should be drunk a lot, two liters or more. A plus is the fact that when using a normal amount of water, fine wrinkles are smoothed on the face.

It is recommended that people go in for sports five times a week. Three times strength training, two - aerobic. During the power loads do the exercises that you like. Try to do more than you want or can. Take heavier dumbbells or sit down three times more. Aerobic exercise is even more tedious than power. But they must be required. In the gym, walk or run on the cardiopause up to an hour and a half. No opportunity? Do jogging in the park area, walk around the city on foot. Count the steps, for this there are primitive pedometers. In one day, we have to take eight thousand steps, for a slimming person, an order of magnitude more.

Only under such conditions you will part with excess weight very quickly.

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