How to make a beautiful styling using hairpins

You will need
  • - comb;
  • - dry shampoo;
  • - styling mousse;
  • - studs;
  • - hair ornaments;
  • - varnish
Before you begin styling, prepare your hair. They should be clean, but not too smooth and slippery. The ideal solution is to treat your hair with a dry shampoo that adsorbs grease and dirt. Carefully comb out the shampoo. Hair will be clean, light and very docile.
Select studs. They should not be too short, strong, without scratching the tips of the skin. Color depends on the shade of your hair. Brunettes need black stilettos, blondes will suit silver, and redheads should use accessories the color of copper. For the decor are beautiful studs, decorated with beads, rhinestones or flowers.
Try the simplest hairstyle - low bun. Comb your hair and divide it into a side parting. Collect strands in a low tail on the back of your head.It can be positioned strictly in the center, but it is better to move it to the side, so the hairstyle will look more modern. Fasten the tail with a thin rubber band in hair color.
Alternately separate the strands from the tail and twist them into bundles, laying around the base of the tail in the form of a flower. Secure each harness with a stud. Finishing, with the sharp handle of the comb, remove the sticking tails and fix the hair with lacquer. For solemn occasions, the bundle can be decorated with decorative studs with rhinestones or pearls.
Another beautiful version of hair with spikes - French shell. Such styling looks quite strictly and is suitable for work or official events. Divide clean hair into a side parting and neshehite Then gently smooth the strands with a brush, flip to the left side and slaughter with invisibility along the entire length, from the top of the head to the back of the head.
Holding the hair mass with your right hand, twist it in the fold with your left hand and place it over the stealth so that the shell is located in the center. Fix hair hairstyles, sticking them from top to bottom and slightly at an angle. Spike should be a lot - they securely hold the shell.Sprinkle styling with a strong hold. If desired, the hair can be decorated with a large large barrette.
A more romantic option - a hairstyle in the form of a wreath. It is suitable for owners of long and semi-long hair. The longer and thicker the hair, the more voluminous the styling will be. Carefully comb the strands and rub a portion of fixing mousse into them. Divide hair into a straight or side parting.
Start laying on the parting. Take with your hands small strands and, twisting them into not too tight cords, turn inwards to form a wreath. Secure each strand with a pin. Reaching the ear, switch to the second side of the head. At the end of the issue head. Fix the hair with lacquer and decorate it with decorative pins with small artificial flowers.

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