How to make a boat out of paper

The art of origami attracts many with the beauty of products that can be made with their own hands. For a long time, such an activity can attract not only children, but, perhaps, adults too.

How to make a boat out of paper

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This occupation was originally born in Japan, where it was available only to the elect. Nowadays, the art of creating all sorts of paper figures has spread throughout the world, so we have the opportunity to please our children, who are the main fans of origami, with all sorts of paper products. Some figures are familiar to us from childhood. These are mostly simple images like a plane or a frog. They can be built in minutes. Others require perseverance and are created over a long time.

Your child will certainly be interested in the opportunity to create a variety of funny figures with his own hand, especially since with detailed instructions and a scheme, it is incredibly easy to make.

Step by step instructions on how to make a boat out of paper.

Paper boat refers to crafts, which are quite simple. For this you only need to arm yourself with patience and a scheme.

How to make a boat out of paper

To create this miracle you will need a sheet of A4 paper. From such sheets the boats are the most beautiful and tough; however, in the absence of the best, a newspaper or a sheet from a notebook will also work.

To create a paper craft with your own hands, you need to follow the following instructions:

  1. Take a flat sheet of paper.
  2. Bend it in half, run your hand along the fold line, as in the photo.
  3. Bend the corners at both ends on the curved side, as in the construction of the aircraft.
  4. Part of the sheet, which remained under the corners, bend in different directions.
  5. Bend the corners of the resulting rectangular stripes inward.
  6. Turn the blank resulting from these simple actions by 90 degrees and bend, only this time from a different angle.
  7. At the end where the corner is not solid, bend one piece.
  8. Repeat this operation with the second part.
  9. Again, rotate the shape 90 degrees. Bend her.
  10. Now it remains only to deploy the ship. To do this, grab the corners and pull them in different directions.
  11. Make a hollow.To do this, slightly dissolve the boat from the bottom.

That's all! Now you can enjoy the view of hand-made crafts.

You can see the creation of the ship in more detail on the video:

How to make a boat out of paper

In addition to traditional ships, other types of vessels can be made from paper, for example, a boat. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Bend a sheet of paper (preferably also take A4) in half horizontally.
  2. Further on this place make a bend of the horizontal type.
  3. To the line of inflection bend the corners on both sides.
  4. Bend the top layer forward and the bottom back.
  5. Fold the figure inside and flatten.
  6. Pull back the corners.
  7. Expand the boat, leveling the bottom.

Your paper boat is ready!

Paper boat

How to make a boat out of paper

Among the water transport, which can be made from paper, is a boat. This will require:

  1. Take a sheet of A4 and bend it in half.
  2. At the bottom and top of the resulting strip, bend the corners in such a way as to form the “Double Triangle” figure.
  3. The sides fold directly to the top line.
  4. To the middle line to lower the resulting angles.
  5. Insert the corners into the bottom, while connecting the sides.
  6. To form the wings in the boat, it is necessary to mark and bend two folds.

Some secrets and tricks

The size of the boat depends on the size of the sheet of paper. You can create a whole flotilla, which will include tiny specimens and large ships. To do this, you just need to take a smaller sheet (say, by dividing an A4 sheet in half).

Particularly interesting are the ships, made of colored paper. However, for their creation it is optimal to take sheets, painted simultaneously from two sides.

Children enjoy playing with their own hand-made toys. Give them the joy of co-creation, introducing him with how to make a boat out of paper with your own hands!

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