How to make a ceiling of acrylic

In recent years, acrylic ceilings are becoming more and more popular. And this is not surprising, because their technical characteristics contribute to this.
In addition to the functional value, these designs have aesthetic value. They look great (imagine a beautiful morning rose over your head), suitable for interior decoration not only in the bedroom or hallway, but also in the bathroom.Easy installation of such a ceiling allows you to perform it yourself.
Acrylic suspended ceilings are sold in the shops in the kit. This is very convenient in the case when the pattern on the glass surface should harmoniously dock when installed in fragments, in order to obtain a complete pattern. Acrylic is simply combined with other materials of the interior space. This variant of the device of ceilings is unique due to the use of a combination of various shades of color, giving a special uniqueness to the room.

Installation Features

The method of assembling a frame for installing such a ceiling is no different from installing other types of suspended models, especially since an instruction manual is always attached to the kit to solve the issue of stage-by-stage assembly. However, a couple of points worth paying attention to.
Before you start creating the ceiling of acrylic, you must first make a fixing layout. After that, you need to drill holes for the output fiber. Next, using screws, you should fix the suspensions.

Frame assembly

The next step in completing the task is to build the profile frame. To do this, fix profiles that have suspensions. The work is carried out similarly to the usual installation of suspended ceilings. By the way, the distance left between the ceiling and acrylic sheets should be at least three centimeters.At this stage, wiring is also mounted, conclusions are drawn where the projector will be installed.
Then proceed to fixing the sheet material, which will be the basis of the future acrylic ceiling.
Next, you need to drill in the sheet the required number of holes for the fibers of the optical fiber - their diameter is not more than two millimeters.It is rational to make sixty-eighty holes in a meter square canvas. Optical fibers are glued into these holes. Next, the opposite ends of the fiber must be assembled into the so-called optical port that connects directly to the projector.

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