Pig from chestnuts looks like a real one. First, the chestnuts themselves are round, so it turns out a thick figure, and such a well-fed pig must be, secondly, the main parts can be supplemented with clay and a button to copy the pet’s face.

Of course, pigs are often portrayed pink, and chestnuts are brown. You have 2 ways - to mask chestnuts under a thin layer of pink plasticine or to use a pink mass only fragmentary, sticking additional parts of the figurine.

Chestnut Pig

How to make a pig out of chestnut

The following tutorial describes in detail how a pig is made with its own hands from natural material. This craft is easy, so it will be mastered by kindergarten children.

For crafts, prepare:

  • 2 round chestnuts;
  • pink plasticine
  • 1 button with two holes of red or pink color;
  • plastic eyes or clay for modeling.

How to make a pig out of chestnuts with your own hands

Prepare materials for work. Chestnuts can be the same size - the larger the better. From these central parts we will make the head and torso. Pink clay is not only a fastening component of the craft, it's easy to glue the head and trunk with a soft mass, but also a lot to mold the ears, the tail and the legs.

For the famous piglet - a pig nose - we prepared a round button with two holes. You can also fix it with the help of superglue. But it’s better to work with plasticine for small children - it’s safer.

How to make a chestnut pig

Glue the head and torso with a small pink cake. This is a kind of layer that will serve as a neck. Smash the clay in your hands, glue the ball on one chestnut, immediately press down into this place the second chestnut. Wait until the mass hardens.

Divide the small pink pieces in proportion.In the pig you need to show 4 short claws, sharp ears and a tail in the form of a hook.

Blind all these soft parts. The legs will be small cylinders of the same size, split by a stack in the center.

Glue the legs to the bottom, make the figure steady. Press your finger on the central chestnut top so that the length of the legs leveled. When you make sure that the pig has taken a stable position, glue the ears to the head, behind add a tail. Also glue in front of the button-penny. A warm soft mass adheres well to the polished surface of a chestnut.

Will still stick eyes to the pig could see what is happening around. These can be finished plastic parts or plasticine points. Interesting children's crafts are ready.

Pig from a chestnut with your own hands

Now you know how to make animal crafts out of chestnuts. You can easily repeat such products with children. Let it be a big pig mother.

If you gather up more natural material for a walk, then you will definitely make a whole family: pig-father and piglet kids.

Such creativity is very interesting for children, experiments with various materials are successful creative lessons that allow you to develop the creative abilities of children.

The author of the master class is Elena Nikolaeva.

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