How to make a pet collar

Unfortunately, our pets can get hurt or get sick. In some cases, you may need a special collar for the animal at the time of treatment, for example, for chinchilla. This is where the owners face the problem, since the smallest store collars are designed for cats, but they are too big for the neck of a rodent. I also encountered such a problem. I live a couple of charming chinchillas - Cupcake and Pistachio. The other day, noticing blood in the cage, I began to examine my charges and found terrible wounds on the hind legs of the Pistachio. They were torn almost to the bone, and the chinchilla also nibbled them constantly. It turned out that in rodents this happens on nerves when a hormonal failure in the body occurs. The specialist recommended to treat the wounds with "Traumeel" ointment and hydrogen peroxide, and also to fix the neck of Pistachio in the collar so that she could not injure herself. I had to do it myself.I think many owners may be faced with a similar situation, so I decided to tell you how I made my own pet collar.
 How to make a collar animal

You need: - Plastic folder, - Thick lace, - Scissors, - Clamp for lace, - Rule, - Pencil , -Stepler stationery.
 How to amb collar animal
How to make a collar First, we need to draw on the plastic folder collar drawing. Cut it out. Dimensions that fit completely under the chinchilla's neck: width - 210 mm, height - 115 mm, width of the lower semicircle - 90 mm. This is how the blank looks like.
 How to make a collar animal
 How to make a collar animal
How to make a collar animal
After that, you need to bend the strips that are on morning part. Thread them through the slots.Staple the stapler so that the strips and the ends of the staples are on the outer part. This is necessary so that the animal details do not tear out shreds of wool.
 How to make a collar to an animal
The ends of the cord should be singed, one to attach the retainer . The latch is ordinary, which is attached to clothing. The second end of the lace is tied with a knot. The cord should be passed through the loops through the loops, and then tightened. It turned out such a collar.
How to make a collar animal
You just need to put it on a chinchilla's neck and fasten the clasps. Hinges can be pasted with a medical adhesive.  How to make a collar animal
 How to make a collar animal

The collar for the animal really helped me out. At first, Pistachio was incredibly frightened, even offended at me. But after a week, the wounds on the paws were completely healed. The fixer did not prevent her from eating, moving. By the way, a girlfriend in this outfit, by the way, became very interesting.Now I give chinchilla sedatives, treat the cause of this disorder. The collar can be made for other rodents, having measured the parameters of the neck. Hopefully many pet owners will find my experience useful!

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