How to apply for a credit card?

How to apply for a credit card?

How to apply for a credit card?



The procedure for issuing a credit card is usually standard in most banks.

  1. For its registration, you must have a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  2. And if the client contacts the bank for the first time, then in order to issue a credit card, an additional procedure for collecting information about the client may be required. The procedure for collecting customer information at the initial stage is filling in a special questionnaire in which a potential customer is asked to provide complete and reliable information about himself, namely: last name, first name, patronymic, registration address, actual residential address for individuals, date of birth, data passports, TIN, contact information, as well as information about family members, the amount of declared income, etc. all information must be reliable and free of errors, since the bank may regard any inaccuracies as an attempt to mislead specialists,which may result in the refusal of the request to issue a credit card.
  3. After filling in the questionnaire, the client goes through the procedure of photographing. His picture will be in the client database.
  4. When issuing a card, many banks take pictures of a client with a card, which may later be proof of its receipt by the client. In addition to the passport, the bank may require additional documents proving the identity of the client.
  5. When receiving a credit card with a large credit limit, the bank may require an income statement from the customer. And the availability of a regular certificate of income from the workplace may increase the credit limit by several times.
  6. A credit limit means the availability of a certain amount on a credit card account, which can be used when paying with a card or withdrawing cash from it.
  7. If the card is issued by an individual entrepreneur, in addition to the main documents, the bank will have to provide a certificate of registration as an individual entrepreneur, as well as a certificate of income from the IFTS.

In order to issue a credit card, you need to go through several stages.

  1. The first stage is the filing of an application, which takes place at a branch of the bank, but can also take place online on the Internet. At this stage, filling in all the necessary documents and questionnaires.
  2. At the second stage, employees of the bank carry out identification of the client. This stage is carried out only in the case of the first application of the client to the bank.
  3. After that, all data is sent to the credit department of the bank for information processing and decision making.
  4. At the next stage, the decision on crediting or refusal takes place. At this stage, credit history is taken into account and a decision is made on the size of the credit limit.
  5. After making a positive decision, the client is invited to the bank to receive a credit card.
  6. At the last stage, the credit card is activated. You can activate a credit card in several ways: via SMS, the second method is to activate the card by phone. If any of these methods is difficult to perform, then it is necessary to call the bank’s hotline and ask the operator to activate the credit card.
  7. Card activation will be successful if the contact phone numbers were correctly indicated in the application form. If the phone numbers entered in the customer database are incorrect, then the activation of the card may cause problems.
  8. After successful activation, you can directly use its credit limit.


How to apply for a credit card?

How to apply for a credit card?

Where can I use a credit card?



In modern conditions, using a credit card is quite simple. The principles of its use are practically indistinguishable from other types of plastic cards, for example, social, bonus or payroll. However, it should be remembered that when withdrawing funds through an ATM belonging to another bank, a rather high percentage of funds can be debited from the credit card account.


Sometimes a fairly high commission can be debited from the account and when withdrawing cash from an ATM of the creditor bank. You can also use a credit card when calculating in various outlets. When paying for various goods or services, only those funds necessary for payment for goods or services will be debited from the credit card.


In order to use a credit card for the calculation in the store, you must transfer it to the seller. If the card does not have a photo of its owner, the seller is entitled to require you to provide an ID card. After that, the cashier holds the card on the terminal, and then makes the amount of the purchase. At this stage, it is desirable to ensure that it is correct.


Some terminals require a PIN. The PIN code must be entered by oneself; it is prohibited to transfer the PIN code to unauthorized persons, including merchants or cashiers. After the procedure of payment, the cashier is obliged to print two checks, on which the signature of the buyer and the cashier is put. Then one copy of the check with the signature of the cashier is issued to the buyer. In addition to shops, you can use a credit card in restaurants, cafes and even in a taxi, if the terminal has a payment terminal.


You can also use a credit card on trips abroad if the credit card is issued on the basis of international payment systems. A credit card is one of the universal means of payment, with which you can pay almost everywhere, provided that there are special reading terminals.Such payment procedures are convenient not only for customers, but also for service personnel, since it eliminates the need to exchange money and cash in, etc. Today, in many Western countries, there is only a cashless payment system.


In our country, payment using electronic cards is not so well developed, but in modern conditions the number of institutions using cashless payments continues to grow steadily.


What accounts are possible on the credit card?



Traditionally, the phrase "credit card" causes most people to associate with the word "credit". That is why many people have a stereotype that a credit card is tied exclusively to a credit account. But actually this is a fallacy. So what kind of accounts are possible on a credit card?

In reality, several accounts can be simultaneously tied to a credit card, for example, a credit account, a deposit account, and a bonus account.

  • A credit account is an account to which a credit limit (overdraft) is directly established on a card. This is the very maximum at which you can go "in the negative."
  • As for the deposit and bonus accounts, the situation is somewhat more complicated. Therefore, it is worth considering them in more detail. The deposit account is directly a place to store the fixed assets of the client of the bank that issued him the credit card. In other words, all the funds in excess of the credit limit are on the deposit account. Most banks charge interest on funds that are stored in the deposit account of the card.

Thus, the credit card holder also has the ability to use a full-fledged bank account. This is undoubtedly very convenient, given that it is not necessary to open and maintain an additional deposit account.

  • The bonus account is one of the means that banks use to attract new customers or to create a stable customer base. The bonus system works as follows: when making a purchase in a shopping center that is a partner of a bank, a certain percentage of the purchase amount is transferred to the bonus account of the card. After that, having accumulated a certain amount of bonus funds, a bank customer can pay them at the time of purchase.As a rule, the bonus account can be used only when shopping in stores that are partners of the bank. In addition to the inability to cash money from the bonus account, it has another drawback. Not all outlets agree to work according to this scheme, even as partners of the bank, since a certain percentage of the bonus account fits into the seller’s account. As a rule, bonus interest from each purchase does not exceed 3-5%, and in rare cases 10% of the purchase amount. In any case, such a pleasant trifle can be used exclusively for the next purchases.

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