How to make a deposit in 2018

Consider the offers of several banks. When choosing the most suitable bank, consult with his specialist about whether he insures deposits, how long this credit institution has the right to attract deposits and how long it has been operating in your city.
Pay attention from all submitted offers of deposits to those that you will arrange for the term of the deposit, as well as the method of interest calculation. In turn, interest can be paid either to a specific account (card, settlement, savings book), or these interest will be capitalized (interest is added to the initial deposit amount). For example, if you make a deposit equal to 10 000 rubles and you are charged 12% annual cumulative interest, then each month a percentage is added to the already accumulated interest amount.
Find out if you can choose the interest payment term. As a rule, this period may be one or three months.You should also pay attention to other deposit opportunities: deposit replenishment and early withdrawal of funds without losing the amount of interest accrued. In addition, in some banks it is possible not only replenishment, but also withdrawal of funds within the minimum balance. That is, if you put 50,000 rubles into the bank, but after a month you suddenly need 10,000 rubles, you can take them from your own contribution without losing the accrued interest. However, this will be valid only if the minimum balance is not more than 40 000 rubles.
Sign a contract with the bank. To do this, after you choose a suitable bank, take with you a passport and the amount of money you want to put in the bank. Then go to the branch of the selected bank, sign the contract and deposit cash through the operating cash desk.

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