How to make a dog in the Snow Maiden costume

The new year will be the year of the dog. And not just a dog, but a yellow one. Therefore, in this MC, we blind the little yellow dog in the Snow Maiden costume. We will sculpt a dog out of the most affordable material - plasticine. Such work will involve children in the pre-holiday bustle and give a good mood. After all, the dog turns out very cute and elegant.

How to make a dog in the costume of the Snow Maiden

A dog wearing a Snow Maiden costume made of plasticine

To make a Christmas dog we need:

  • plasticine;
  • toothpick.

Let's start with the head. And for this we take the yellow clay, which we will well knead and blind the ball. This ball is well smoothed to remove wrinkles and cracks from the details. Next you need to make a fur coat for the toy.

003 (2)

The snow maiden's blue coat. And so we sculpt it from blue plasticine.

From top to bottom, the fur coat should expand a little.

003 (3)

Stick your head to the coat.

003 (4)

Now we need to make a down. And we take white plasticine, roll it into a flagellum. And already from the flagellum we make a collar, a buckle and a frill at the bottom of the fur coat. Toothpick all this well poychem. So it turns out the fluff on the coat.

003 (5)

Then we blind hands. First, sculpt the sleeves, also slightly expanding them from the bottom. And to the sleeves stick small yellow balls - paws.

Also on the sleeves we will make a downward fluff. He, too, needs to poke a little needle, forming a fluff.

003 (6)

We'll make the muzzle of the dog white. Blind the oval and stick it to the head of our future dog at the bottom.

003 (7)

Spout can be made black or pink. Sculpt from plasticine another oval. But we are already making it small. And we stick the resulting nose to the face.

003 (8)

And the eyes will make very simple. We blind two small little black circles and stick them to the toy.We completely designed the muzzle of the toy. It remains to blind ears and a hat.

Of the plasticine yellow blind is not very large droplet. And then with your fingers, flatten it and make it flat. We got one ear.

003 (9)

Let's do the exact same ear. And stick to the head of the dog so that the ears looked up. And then pry them down. From the blue plasticine we blind the cap in the form of a cap. But this cap should not be high. And you need to make a small cap.

At the very top we glue a small white ball - a pompon. And also a white strip on the bottom of the caps. Now take a toothpick and make it many, many notches. That is just tychem this white strip and pomponchik.

003 (10)

We put a hat on the head of the dog. And we try to stick it more tightly to the head so that the cap is held tightly.

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