How to make a drawing on clothes with the help of inexpensive improvised

pattern on clothes
How to make drawings on clothes without thermal paper? You can buy expensive markers for painting on fabric, but you can get by with cheaper tools. Well, let's say you want to make a drawing with regular permanent felt-tip pens or wax crayons. But how to fix the picture on the fabric so that it does not blur after washing? I tried a variety of adhesives, sealants, acrylic varnishes for this and as a result I got this master class. So, once I decided to draw a chaffinch. First of all, I transferred a bird to my eye with a red thin thin permanent markerpattern on clothes
Then I had to circle a thin drawing with a black marker,because the red color turned out to be too faded - that was the calculation: you can correct the drawbacks of the drawing, if that. Then I put a newspaper inside the jerseys and painted the body of the bird with wax pencils, and then I passed it on top with thick felt-tip pens. so that the wax crayons play their water-repellent role and prevent the felt-tip pens from spreading over the fabric. Also permanent markers, unlike markers, spread less and give color transition from one to another — as seen on the feathers of the wings — unlike from acre lovy paints.
drawing on clothes
So it was the turn to fix our drawing!
 drawing on clothes
The photo shows what the sealant was used - transparent silicone, without additives, brand "Novbytkhim", was purchased in the store stroytovarov. The sealant is applied solely with fingers and evenly smeared over the pattern, and a little behind the pattern for secure fixing. Then you have to wait half an hour for drying and go for a hot iron to make the surface smoother. It is better to put a newspaper inside the shirt, so that the silicone does not crack by temperature.And voila!
drawing on clothes

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