How to make a flower panel

You will need: colored non-spinning wool - green, blue, orange, yellow, white, black, red, colored fibers - viscose or white, green, yellow silk, soap solution for felting, pimple film, mosquito net.

When wet felting wool shrinks 30-40%, so before you start work, calculate what size you will have a panel in the finished form, for example, as it is - 40 x 80 cm. Add interest on shrinkage, the resulting layout need to do the size of 52 x 104 cm.

Spread the bubble film on the table and start drawing. First make a foundation. Pull out long, even strands of equal thickness from a white skein, lay them out in layers, first vertically, then horizontally. Each strand overlaps a little past. Lay out the rides, as if covering the previous tips with torn off tips, this provides a more even surface of the layout. So lay out 2 layers. Make a background with the third layer: put light yellow and light green wool on top and darker green one at the bottom.

Now we are starting to create a picture. Draw stalks.Pull out thin strands of green wool, twist them up - stalks will turn out. For buds, pull the strands thicker, cut into three parts, twist on one side and, forming a bud, lay out their stems. Add a shadow, mixing a dark green and a little black wool. Add yellow and green viscose fibers between the stems.

Start drawing poppies. To do this, separate the strand of red and fold it, forming rounded petals. Form flowers from petals - 2 large

and 3 buds, placing them in the center of the picture. Add burgundy wool along the edges of the petals and a little black in the center, also in the center cut a little green and yellow wool. Add light highlights to the poppy petals, using a bit of white wool and yellow viscose. Near the buds lay out leaves: from the green wool pull the strands and slightly twist them.

Now you need to draw a vase. Put the wool in the bottom of the picture, using several shades of brown wool, give the vase a rounded shape. Add a drop shadow near the vase by mixing blue and green wool.

The drawing is complete, start felting. Cover the wool base with a mosquito net.Then dilute the liquid soap in water, you need a very soapy solution. Sorry soap is not necessary, because on a soapy surface, the picture lays down better and falls down. Dampen base abundantly. Now start gently rubbing the picture through the grid with careful circular motions, gradually increasing the pressure. In order to understand whether the pattern has fallen down, remove the mesh and gently pull the fibers of the pattern. If they mesh with the surface of the base, then you can go to felting in a towel, if not, then add a little more soap and again rub the picture through the mesh. Then put a canvas with a pattern on a towel, roll up into a thick roll. And start rolling hands. Wrap alternately on each side and roll 100 times to each side. Unfold the towel, smooth out the pattern - a uniform, dense felt should be obtained.

Felt pattern is almost ready, it remains to rinse it in hot and cool water from soap, dry it and iron it.

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