How to make a lipstick with your own hands?

A modern woman without lipstick is something of a fantasy kind, because these cosmetics have been an integral tool of women's beauty for more than one century.

Many ladies not only "add color" before going out, but also make up their lips after the first morning cup of coffee to feel most comfortable and confident throughout the day.

It is well known that these cosmetics existed in the ancient world, long before the emergence of modern technology, then they were prepared from wax and natural dyes, but today the lipstick composition is no longer as simple and transparent as it would like.

A huge amount of synthetic dyes and other chemical components, although they made modern lipstick comfortable and beautiful, but some of its components can cause real harm to our body.

Experiment with color

However, despite a whole list of harmful components,lipstick does not lose its popularity among the fair sex, on the contrary, we consistently replenish our collections with new shades, without even thinking that you can do better here. You ask how? Everything is very simple!

Let's talk about how to make high-quality and useful lipstick with your own hands, without the use of harmful dyes and other "chemistry". At first glance, for some reason it seems that this occupation is difficult and certainly not for the house, but, in fact, you just need a little time and patience.

There are many recipes for making lipstick at home, the great advantage of which is that here you can give free rein to your imagination, experiment and mix the ingredients, seeking new, and maybe even unique, color shades.

Most of the ingredients that are used for homemade lipstick, natural and useful, they will not only help you moisturize and tint the lips, but will protect them from the effects of external negative factors (sun, wind, frost), and also prolong their youth and beauty.

Main Ingredients

Beeswax is one of the oldest and first ingredients for creating such cosmetics. Due to its healing components, it forms a softening film on the skin, which prevents dryness and dehydration, and also acts as an antiseptic, heals cracks and wounds well.

It's easy to do

To prepare high-quality lipstick, which will be well applied and hold on for a long time, you need to constantly remember an important proportion, which, however, depending on the desired result, may vary slightly: 3 parts of wax should have 3 parts of liquid oils and 4 parts of solid oils.

Pigments are not included in this calculation. It is also important not to overdo it with the latter, although they add color to the color, they can ruin all your efforts if used improperly. With natural dyes is much simpler: they give weak, but very pleasant, natural shades.

For example, for these purposes beet juice can be used, turmeric in combination with cinnamon and cocoa will give a noble chocolate shade, do not forget to experiment!

Candelilla or carnauba wax can also be used - they have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, jasmine wax, which softens and soothes the skin,Mimosa wax - excellent means for moistening.

You can arrange like this

In addition, oils are definitely added, for example, cocoa butter is a good remedy for the treatment of dry and cracking lips, shea butter, which has regenerating and smoothing properties.

Often used wheat germ oil - moisturizes and restores the skin of the lips, mandarin or ginger oil - good antiseptics, rose or vanilla oils, which not only have healing properties, but also pleasant smells. It is not necessary to make colored lipstick, if you do not add coloring pigments to it, then medical balms can be made. To do this, they usually also add other medicinal components, for example, honey, myrtle, castor oil, vitamins E and B.

Cooking lipstick with your own hands

Let's try with the preparation of conventional natural lipstick. So what do we need for her?

  • natural beeswax - 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • Rose essential oil - 8 drops.
  • alkane root powder - 15 g;
  • jojoba oil - 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • olive oil - 3/8 cup;

Prepare in advance a volumetric heat resistant glass of glass, a few empty and clean bottles of lipstick, as well as a silicone mold for lipstick.If the last two items you do not have, then you can use a regular tube for balm or a small round jar.

Grate the wax, pour it into a heat-resistant container and heat it in a water bath. Separately, heat the olive and jojoba oil for 7-10 minutes, remove it from the heat and pour the alkanes to it. Next, let the preheated mass a little brew to make it shade.

Then strain it through gauze into another container, pour the hot wax, re-heat it slightly in a water bath, it is important that the ingredients are well mixed. Remove from heat, let it cool down a bit, add rose oil and again mix everything thoroughly, pour it neatly on the molds.


If you fill in with special lipstick tubes, then make sure that the liquid only slightly covers the crosspiece, otherwise the lipstick will not close then. After that, leave it to cool (about 30 minutes), then send it to the freezer for 10 minutes, take out and carefully remove the silicone mold. With jars, everything is simple - as soon as the filled mass hardens, the lipstick is ready for use!

Try, perhaps for the first time, you will not achieve the perfect result, but,Over time, experimenting with a variety of recipes and components, you can create products that are no worse than brand manufacturers.

At home, you get both mother-of-pearl, and matte and glossy lipstick, which can become your favorite cosmetic for many years.

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