How to make a painted vase using acrylic

You will need
  • A bottle of homemade wine, or a vase of glass, or a vase of glass.
  • Paints stained glass Gamma set.
  • The contour is golden.
  • Cotton pad.
  • Acetone.
  • Contour drawing. Given that vases are often round or other unformatted outlines, a fabric with a pattern of even outlines may come up.
First you need to clean the surface of the vase. Depending on the contamination, different means are used, but it is undesirable to leave scratches on the glass surface. If you can draw a picture yourself - this will be the best option. You can do this with the usual marker, but not dark. Wrong lines are removed using acetone, causing it to wadding or soft fabric.
In the second stage, use the contour. This paint is produced in a tube. It will be golden, but if there is no such one, you can take a bronze one. Apply the line carefully, the contour should appear voluminous and resemble a wire. With the help of the contour, you need to carefully circle the picture, or draw your own.If you are able to draw the simplest elements - try to create a stained glass window yourself, the effect may be better than you expected. Then let the circuit dry.
Now it is necessary to apply stained glass paint. Even in the minimum set there are all suitable colors for the simplest composition. Using stained paint is not difficult, but it is transparent, and if you took the paint for beginners - it can curl, form ugly stains, so you need to evenly squeeze it out of the tube and place it on the fragment with a tip, painting it over.
Applying the first layer, immediately paint over the nearest fragment, make sure that the paint is distributed evenly. After drying, apply another layer. But the paint must dry completely, otherwise it will not be fixed on the surface of the vase. The second layer should be applied carefully, without scratching the first. The vase is ready.

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