How to make a swing with your own hands: detailed drawing with instructions

Do you like summer? You will love it even more if you make a swing at the cottage with your own hands.

No matter how difficult the swing looks, if you remove the pillows, then this is a simple garden bench suspended from chains.

The overall dimensions of the swing are shown below.

1. Making the seat frame swing.

2. To the rear of the seat frame install support for the back of the swing.

3. To the front of the seat frame fasten supports for handrails.

4. Install the side rails on the swing seat.

5. Making the backrest.

6. We sew up the swing seat.

7. For fixing the swing, screw 2-3 bolts with a ring into the sides of the carcass structure.

8. We adjust the height of the chain so that the swing hangs at a comfortable height for us.

Based on the basic swing drawing, we can make our own modification. For example, these swings have wider armrests for a cup of coffee.

We can make our swings from old wooden pallets.

Or make them in rustic style, using natural wood instead of plain wooden planks.

Make yourself more comfortable, time to swing. The ancient Maya at the same time pronounced: "In the sweet half-dream, I float between heaven and earth, still not reaching the end point, but continuing my free flight." It turns out that swinging on a swing has long been a ritual of uniting with the Universe.

Everyone in the country will love these swings, made by you with their own hands, especially since they have such a small but important secret.

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