How to make a wobblers

Wobbler is one of the most popular bait for spinningists, but the price of branded baits with a good game that attracts fish often "bites." It is especially insulting when the expensive catchy bait remains in the snags, which abound in almost all the water bodies of our vast country. Therefore, the topic of wobblers is very relevant now, because apart from the obvious financial benefits, assembling wobblers with their own hands provides the opportunity to make exactly the bait you need.
  • wooden bar (alder, birch, linden and others);
  • sharp knife
  • pencil;
  • large and fine sandpaper;
  • wire for making loops (stainless)
  • metal hacksaw or jigsaw;
  • a piece of plexiglass or a suitable plastic (for making blades);
  • flat file;
  • aluminum tape;
  • sequins (for making eyes) (those are round shiny things with a hole in the center; can be found on old dresses or in a fabric store);
  • lead or tin;
  • epoxy resin;
  • paint,varnish.

Making a wobbler with your own hands

First you need to find a suitable bar or trim the dry branch of the tree you chose as a material to the state of the bar. It is best to make alder, linden and balsa for making wobblers, as they are light and work well. You can use birch or oak, but the oak is quite heavy, and it will be difficult for you to load the wobbler so that it plays more or less vividly. It is better not to take conifers because of their resinousness. Next, you need to draw or print the desired wobbler shape and transfer it to a tree.
How to make a wobbler
After that, you need to cut the workpiece along the contour with a jigsaw, leaving a few millimeters of the allowance, bring the coarse sandpaper to the desired size and draw the look on top of the wobbler. Try to make it symmetrical. Then you need with a knife to give shape to the sides of the future wobbler, again to clean everything with emery paper and round the edges. Go through fine sandpaper, inducing the last gloss. In the end, you should have something very like a fish.
How to make a wobbler
How to make a wobbler
Next, you must either make holes for the loops for the tees, or longitudinal kerf for the frame. In my purely personal opinion, the frame makes sense only when you decide to make a wobbler of small size, or a wobbler for catching trophy fish, because a loop made of wire and planted on epoxy can be pulled out only with a piece of wood, and will require Well, a very big effort. Therefore, I prefer not to bother with the kerf, which should be clearly along the longitudinal axis of the bait, which is difficult, nor with the subsequent embedding of this kerf. Instead, I drill holes about one millimeter in diameter in the nose, tail, and abdomen of the bait. I screw these wire loops into these holes:
How to make a wobblack
Drunk under the shoulder blade you need to make a hacksaw for metal and expand it to the desired size with the help of a file. The paddle itself can be made of any plastic, but it should not be too brittle or too soft.Plexiglas will be the best option, but not all have it at hand.
How to make a wobblack
How to make a wobblers
In the process of making a scapula, the main thing is not to rush and do everything neatly, as it is from it that the game of wobbler depends to a large extent. Symmetry is above all. It is necessary to carefully cut out the plastic from the plastic and carefully work the edges first with the nail file and then with sandpaper. We seal the loops and cover the wobbler with a layer of epoxy so that it does not become wet during the testing process. We insert the blade into the kerf and fix it with the help of small wedges made of wood. Then with the help of adhesive tape we fasten an ogruzka on the belly of the lure and, by adjusting the position of the movers and the blade, we achieve the optimal game. After that you need to glue the blade without removing the wedges. Then we drill holes for loading: "style =" max-width: 100%; " alt="How to make a wobblers">
And glue these weights with epoxy: How to make a wobblers Technically, our wobbler is already ready, it remains only to cover with foil and dye.using aluminum tape, which is sold in hardware stores for gluing drywall, if my memory serves me. Scotch is a very handy thing, but it was not at hand. So I had to use regular foil. Wrap around wobbler. Cut two foil blanks.
How to make a wobbler
How to make a wobbler
Next you need to apply a scale on the foil. Ways to achieve this mass: from the file to the tulle. Everything is limited only by your imagination.
How to make a wobbler
I decided to use a stud with a diameter of 7 millimeters. It is necessary to forcefully roll across the foil crosswise. If you did everything correctly, there should be clear traces on the foil that look like scales.
How to make a wobbler
Next, glue the foil on the wobbler, trying to make as little as possible folds (absolutely without them will not work). You can draw the gills and the side line with a knife.
How to make a wobbler
Next comes the space for creativity. Everything can be suitable for painting a wobbler: from acrylic paints to autoenamels and felt-tip pens.You can repeat the brand color, and you can come up with something different. I painted the back in black, and pasted on the abdomen foil. The result was the coloring of the glue. How to make a wobbler It remains only to glue the eyes and put a drop of epoxy resin on them, so that there is a 3D effect. That's it. We cover the wobbler with several layers of varnish or epoxy, hang hooks and go fishing!

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