How to make homemade wine from grapes, video instructions

How to make homemade wine from grapes, video instructions

How to make homemade wine from grapes, video instructions

On how to make wine from grapes do not like alcohol lovers, but educated, intelligent people who can wait several months before enjoying the fruits of their labor. Homemade wine is not only tasty, natural and unique, it is undoubtedly endowed with soul, unlike bottled wine.


How to make homemade wine from grapes



Here we look at the most popular varieties of wine, the basic principles of its production and the process of making it in factories. We will offer you a classic homemade wine recipe and a series of videos for viewing on how to make wine according to the ancient recipe of the Don Cossacks. Because we know little about how to drink absinthe, but with wine everything is different, it is dearer and dearer to our heart.


Before making homemade wine, you must grow a grape variety,To better harvest was more abundant, read the information on how to cut the grapes, from the harvest of which you can make this drink. Watch a video about grapes, which are how to distinguish them and what kind of grapes to choose for making your own wine. It is not possible to get a good wine if you approach it from the wrong side:

Classical grape varieties


How to make homemade wine from grapes, video instructions


Everything needs to be approached wisely, not “on the machine”, you need to have at least a basic knowledge of how to make wine from grapes at home, know everything about the fermentation process, why yeast and why the features of the whole process are needed.


Watch a video on how to make wine and what is the production of the wine itself.



Well, the grapes are grown and harvested, the basis for making wine has already been studied, now we will begin the process of how to make grape wine on our own. To prepare the wine according to our recipe, you will need:

  • grapes;
  • sugar;
  • a large glass bottle of 15-20 liters;
  • capacity for pressing grapes;
  • the object with which we will crush the grapes;
  • cork for a bottle;
  • rubber tube;
  • plasticine;
  • glass jar per liter.


How to make wine at home



  • You need to start making wine at home with preparing the grapes. It is not necessary to wash it, it will slow down the fermentation process, just separate the berries from the grapes. you will have to tinker a lot, tune in to the fact that it will take a long time.


How to make homemade wine from grapes, video instructions

How to make homemade wine from grapes, video instructions

When going through the harvest, it is necessary to pour a small amount of grapes into a small, clean pan. About two glasses. Add two tablespoons of sugar and mix the sugar with the grapes in the same spoon. Thus, we have prepared a starter, which will be ready in a few days when it ferments. It will start the fermentation process in butyl.


  • How to make homemade wine from grapes, video instructionsThe rest of the grapes, which we have touched, pour into a large container, prepared for crushing and begin to crush it. The main thing in the process of crushing is to crush all the grapes, and not the time of its pressure. For this manipulation you can use an item with a flat bottom, or you can press with your bare hands. Turn the grapes in a container, checking that it chokes whole.
  • Add the starter to the depressed and mixed grapes from the pan.Stir all this, cover the top and let stand for four days. Watch the fermentation that begins, and sometimes stir the contents in the container.
  • At the bottom there will be cake, and for wine you only need juice. Take a large piece of thin cloth, or gauze folded several times, and separate the juice from the cake. Drain the juice in the bottle, squeeze the cake in the fabric again twist, try to squeeze out all the juice by any means. After that, we can proceed to the next stage of preparing homemade wine from grapes.
  • We turn to the closure of the lid. Pre-insert the rubber tube into the cap. Through the tube will leave the gases that will appear during fermentation. otherwise, the gases may break the bottle. To let the gas go only through the tube, glue around the lid with clay, put the second end of the tube in a liter jar, with recruited water. The jar should be below the level of the bottle neck.
  • After four days, add sugar to the container (in the proportion of 1-1.5 kg per ten liters of grape juice). After that, leave the juice to wander on. Now we leave everything for three weeks, looking periodically so that everything goes as it should.When the time comes, you can pour the wine into the bottle, leaving all the sediment in the used butyl. Close the bottles again. Now you need to leave the wine for a month a month. After this period, you can enjoy the wine.


We described the most popular recipe of how to make wine from grapes at home, but in reality there are a lot of features and difficulties. It is much easier to take them into account when there is more than one year of experience. You can learn from the experience of the Don Cossacks, because they have always been known for their homemade wine recipes. We have prepared a series of videos about a special recipe, at the end of the first video, go to the next one. Enjoy watching this video.



In conclusion, we will show you the difference between making wine at home and making it in production. Naturally, there is no one shaking over every liter of juice, the production technology is streamlined and harmonious. Each stage is certified and carried out under certain conditions. Each step is under strict control and this allows each time to get only the taste of wine that consumers expect.



We will be filled up with the fact that our introductory information on how to make wine from grapes will be a great start to your experiments with the harvest. First use small containers.When you gain experience and confidently prepare wine, you can purchase an oak barrel, fumigate it and the room with sulfur, and approach the production of wine from grapes with the knowledge of your business. It remains only to glance at the temperature.

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