How to make money on questionnaires

Carefully choose the resources on which you are going to earn. On the Internet, there are many offers for money to provide you with a large list of sites on which they conduct paid surveys. You will be promised big earnings, but, as a rule, fraudsters hide behind such advertisements. Find sites with surveys can be completely free.
Typically, polls cost from 20 to 200 rubles. From one company comes about 5 surveys per month. If you want to earn a lot, register on as many sites as possible.
Carefully fill out personal information in your profile. This will give you the opportunity to participate in more surveys. It is good if your data is close to the average: a man of about 28 years old, a middle manager. Note that you make purchasing decisions on your own. It is also good to answer "no" to the question about the passage of such studies in the last month. This will significantly increase your chances of participating in the survey.
Answer the questions carefully, not at random. Sometimes the same questions are asked with different wording. According to him you can check. Probably in the future you will not receive invitations to participate in a survey from this company if you answer at random. However, it is not worth thinking about answers for hours. Give each survey about 20-40 minutes.
Participation in surveys of foreign companies is paid higher. Most of them represent the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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