How to make perfect eyebrows?

At first, stop adjusting the shape of the eyebrows on their own. There is no sense in hiding tweezers in the far box - removing extra hairs under the eyebrow that goes far beyond what is reasonable can and should be (especially when this villain who sticks out at random, spoils the mood at every meeting with the mirror!). But the main line can not be touched either from below or above - in no case.

Secondly, we will care for the eyebrows with the help of oils. Between castor and olive give preference to the latter - it is not so thick and heavy, has the effect of smoothness and will easily tame the new hairs that “reared” and stick in different directions. Also suitable burdock and almond oil, especially if you do a light massage of eyebrows (at least just a couple of times in the direction of growth). These simple rules must first be noted to the owners of dark hair - thick, hard and not as docile as those of blondes. And do not believe all these popular “forum discussions” about the miraculous properties of garlic, onion and red pepper, which need to be ground, squeezed and rubbed into eyebrows for their rapid growth.All these extravagant ways of the “grandmother said in two” format is not our method.

ThirdlyLet's not forget about cleansing the skin. We remember that daily makeup removal concerns not only the face, but also eyebrows: the remnants of cosmetic products can cause the destruction of hairs and slow down their growth.

FourthLet's not be lazy to comb daily not only hair, but also eyebrows - this will increase blood flow to the roots of hairs.

And finallyfifthly, let's take it as a rule to at least occasionally say “no” to chemical tinting: now there are so many excellent carcasses with comfortable brushes, shadows and pencils that it does not make sense to spoil the hairs due to time saving.

What if we could not resist and spoiled the shape of the eyebrows?

Why do makeup artists recommend us to refrain from self-correction eyebrows? Because we can not only spoil the shape, but also ... damage the hair follicle. This is the very nasty case when the oils will no longer help us, eyebrows simply stop growing. How long? The period when the bulb becomes the location zone of a new hair can drag on for years ... What to do?

  • The most proven and effective way is to use products that activate eyebrow growth (look for the word “activator” in the title). These funds will “wake up” the follicles and provoke the growth of a new hair. But to be honest, the price is 3,000–4,000 rubles. bit bites ...
  • And still have to spend money. We propose to combine two procedures at once - use traditional ampoules for hair growth. A convenient applicator is always attached to such ampoules, from which a means can be squeezed out onto the finger and applied gently to the eyebrow, be careful that the liquid does not hit the eye.

How to apply makeup on your eyebrows? Makeup artist board

Use the corner eyebrow brush, it is an ideal tool that allows you to work out the technique of makeup quickly and competently. The puzzle with the right shade is solved very simply: always choose a color a little lighter than your natural (the difference is literally a half-tone). Blondes can be a little “deep” in the ashes, the main thing is to avoid a reddish hue (the pencil must be checked in the light before applying) and completely eliminate the black color. Finally, fill the voids between the hairs with no straight line,and smears in the direction of their growth (so you imitate the natural process, and do not follow the form invented for yourself)

How to make perfect eyebrows?
Wendy Row

4 of the most famous brow bars in Moscow:

Brow Up

How to make perfect eyebrows?

Wildly popular place among Instagram users, where perfect photos of eyebrows flash every day. In small corners in shopping centers, you can adjust the shape and at the same time make up. The main procedure here is the brow up of the same name: after removing the hairs, the master applies paint that gives pigment to both the hairs and the skin itself. True, the owners of black and dark brown eyebrows are not lucky - the paint is held to the nearest "washbasin" in oil, so the benefit can only be called a reminder of what eyebrows should be and what should be done the next day by yourself.

Estimated cost of the procedure:correction - 650 rubles, brow up coloring - 350 rubles, henna coloring - 750 rubles, eyebrow lightening - 400 rubles, eyebrows build-up - from 4,000 rubles. up to 6,000 rubles.

Addresses:"Yerevan Plaza", "Afimall City", "Atrium", "European"

Brow Bar Number One

How to make perfect eyebrows?

The creator of the cult place on the Patriarch's is Olga Bloch, whom many know as makeup artist Estée Lauder.In this small and cozy place you can only make eyebrows, but make very cool. True, it is almost impossible to sign up for Olga - the online recording is maintained in a month and a half, and some days are reserved by customers for a long time to come. And yet it's worth trying.

Estimated cost of the procedure:1 000 rub.

Address:st. Spiridonovka, 19

Benefit Brow Bar

How to make perfect eyebrows?

Exclusively in L’Etoile there are islands that are easily recognizable by the style of 40s films with Hollywood film stars. Benefit Brow Bar specialists call their method “123”: they calculate the height, length and width of eyebrows according to the classical scheme. The hair is removed with a wax, and finally, aloe vera gel is soothed into the skin.

Estimated cost of the procedure:from 500 to 1 100 rubles. depending on the procedure (staining, correction).

Address:corners in some L’Etoile stores

Estée Lauder Brow Bar

How to make perfect eyebrows?

In some Estée Lauder corners, you can not only profit from excellent beauty products, but also please yourself with the eyebrow correction procedure. Of all the brands belonging to the concern Estée Lauder (and there are countless), it is the specialists of the same-name brand who are considered the best professionals for eyebrows.

Estimated cost of the procedure:990 rubles, but it is possible and free with the purchase of products of the brand (about the shares can be specified in the corners).

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