How to make the kitchen stylish and comfortable without the help of a designer. This solution is definitely affordable for you.

We all know that the repair is a long and difficult business, and Nicole, the owner of Junk Love Boutique, who loves to create and restore furniture, counted on her long work in her new house, built in the early 70s.

This photograph of the kitchen was taken after Nicole and her husband Blake replaced the white porcelain sink and white veneer countertops. There was still a long way of painful repair ahead!

Since Nicole has 2 dogs that are constantly running around the house, she decided to lay linoleum on the floor, which protects the floor from scratches and, moreover, is a waterproof coating.

Nicole also found a small table in a rustic style that fits into the overall interior of the kitchen. In the future, she plans to remove the legs at the table so that he would sit on the floor.

She and her husband decided to remake the cabinets that were already in the kitchen in order to build in her stove and dishwasher.

She then proceeded to paint the kitchen cabinets. The painting took more than 2 weeks, which certainly was not easy.

On the inside of the doors from the kitchen cabinets, she applied the edging using a primer and oil paint.

Nicole got rid of the built-in oven to make a corner for the pantry.

She put the racks in the closet and made room for the bins.

In the closet, Nicole also built doors from barn boards to add a rustic style to the interior of her renovated kitchen.

The couple decided to buy a new refrigerator, but it took 3 months to deliver it.

At first, the couple planned to replace the countertops and the sink, but since the repair of the kitchen took enough time and effort, the young people decided to wait a little.

And here is the final result! Now this is Nicole's favorite room, because in such an unusual and spacious kitchen in a rustic style it is so nice to cook your favorite dishes. The girl is pleased with the result, but is not going to stop there! We wish her success!

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