How to open the hood on Nissan

How to open the hood on the Nissan photoHow to open the hood on Nissan

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Nissan (Nissan) - a very comfortable and reliable car, which, however, is not without flaws. Even if you carefully monitor the condition of the car, you can not control all processes occurring inside the machine. Wear parts leads to a number of not very dangerous, but undesirable situations. One of these situations is cable damage, which makes it impossible to open the hood of a Nissan.


Open the hood on the Nissan (Nissan)



There can be many reasons for this problem. Among them are the following:
- cable stretching due to long and frequent use;
- cable break;
- freezing of the hood lock;
- jumping off the loop of the cable from the lever.


All reasons are eliminated both in the service center "Nissan", and by own efforts. But before you start any action, be sure to understand the mechanism of the car. If you are sure that you know him enough, you can begin operational actions.


Let's start with the simplest problem - freezing of the castle. Heat the lock with a hair dryer or hot water. The second method is more effective, but can lead to undesirable consequences of painting damage. After the end of the water treatment, get rid of the remaining moisture, as the lock can freeze even more.


If the reason for stretching the cable, apply ingenuity. The main idea here is that it is necessary to pull the cable so that the latch on the lock releases the hood itself. To do this, pull the cable, after unscrewing the handle in the car's elephant. Remember that the cable and handle are directly connected. You can also make a hook out of available tools and hook on it with a cable through the holes in the Nissan's radiator mesh.


The most difficult problem in terms of solving is the cable breaking. Here your decision depends on the structure of the particular car. Try using a screwdriver, which you put into the radiator grill and press it on the lock lever. If it does not work out, using the same screwdriver, simply remove the radiator grid. After that, stick your hand under the hood and open it from the inside.In any case, it is better to fix such a breakdown, and not to go with it all the time. The Nissan "Qashqai", the hood of which is designed differently from other Nissan cars, may require other instructions for opening the hood.

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