How to quickly clean the microwave oven

Microwave or simply - a microwavehas long been included in our everyday life. It is hard to imagine a kitchen without it.
Often, owners often face the problem - how to clean the microwave? After all, as an ordinary dish it can not be washed. I'll show you a great way to clean your microwave and get rid of the unpleasant odor in two bills!
We will need a couple of oranges, actually their skin.
Take the dishes for the microwave and pour 100 .... 150 ml. water, we throw our skin there.
Put the whole thing in a microwave.
Minutes by 5 ... 10.
After the end of boiling, the water almost boils away - this is normal. We do not take out, but we also allow to stand for 5 minutes .... 15.
Everything. Open and simply wipe dry with a clean cloth.Not a trace of fat and smell left! A wonderful aroma of orange appeared.
PS: You can use lemon instead of orange peel. Or simply lemon juice from one lemon.

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