How to quickly get rid of a cold

h2> Folk remedies in the fight against colds
There are many popular methods of treatment of old proven. Among them are herbal teas and teas, rinses, compresses and much more.
Effectively helps in the initial stage of cold mulled wine. A large percentage of vitamin C and spices accelerates and warms the blood. To make this magic drink you need to take:
- dry red wine;
- glass of water;
- 7-8 studs;
- A little nutmeg;
- 2 cinnamon sticks;
- lemon or orange;
- a little ginger;
- sugar (optional).
All ingredients are added to the boiling water (except citrus). Bring to a boil. Remove from heat. Add lemon or orange slices. Heat the wine and mix it with the prepared composition.
You can enrich the drink with raisins, dried apricots, cardamom, or add a little black pepper.
With cold symptoms, hot baths help to warm up well. But not for the legs, but for the fingers.Dip your fingers in hot water for a while. Pull out and repeat the procedure several times. The body quickly warms, blood flow increases.
Lemon sore throat can help relieve sore throat. For this slice, you just need to suck. Inflammation passes very quickly.

Unusual Tea

A good tool for the prevention of colds is karkade tea. This drink is made from hibiscus petals and is sold in regular stores. To make healthy tea you need to take:
- One teaspoon of dry petals;
- a glass of boiling water;
- a teaspoon of sugar.
Hibiscus petals are filled with boiling water and infused for 5-10 minutes. Sugar is added to tea.
Hibiscus is not recommended for patients with gastritis and ulcers due to the high content of citric acid.

Salty water

One of the effective ways to treat a cold is gargling and washing the throat and nose with salt water. To prepare the rinse, you must take:
- a glass of boiled hot water;
- a teaspoon of salt (preferably sea);
- a teaspoon of baking soda;
- from 10 to 20 drops of iodine.
Stir the solution and gargle every one and a half to two hours.
To rinse the nasal cavity, it is necessary to prepare a weak saline solution and inhale it, first closing one nostril, then the other. When salt water enters the sinuses, they clear out the accumulated mucus.
The solution irritates the nasal mucosa. Therefore, we must try to make it not very strong, so as not to burn the mucous.

Compresses and wraps

For the treatment of cough, wrapping with cabbage leaves with honey has a very effective effect. To do this, you must prepare the following components:
- fresh cabbage leaves;
- natural honey;
- polyethylene film;
- a diaper or towel.
Soft cabbage leaves at room temperature (not cold!) Are smeared with a thin layer of honey. They are placed on the patient's chest and covered with a film on top. Fix cabbage compress with a diaper or towel. This wrap can be left on all night until honey is absorbed. After removing the compress body should be wiped with vodka, and then heat up the bundle.

Black radish

An effective remedy for coughing is black radish juice. To prepare this tool you need to prepare:
- rhizome of black radish;
- natural honey.
Black radish tuber must be thoroughly washed. On the growth side of the leaves, make a hole with a depth of one spoon. Ordinary water is poured into a glass, a radish is placed on top. Its tail must be dipped in water. Honey is put in the cut hole. After a while, the honey will completely dissolve, the radish will start up the juice. It is his take after meals three times a day. This reliable expectorant helps with old coughing.


Inhalations with aromatic oils: fir, eucalyptus, lemon and many others have a good effect against colds. They can fill the oil burner or lubricate the earlobes or place on the upper lip.
The high content of alkaloids and phytoncids in onions and garlic helps protect the body from harmful bacteria. You can place the pieces in different places of the apartment and inhale their smell.

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