How to quickly grow hair?

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How to quickly grow hair?

Long and well-groomed hair is considered one of the most striking indicators of female beauty. That is why most women sooner or later visit the desire to grow long hair. In our article we will tell you about the cosmetic and natural methods that will contribute to the rapid growth of hair.

Professional products for rapid hair growth

First, let's turn to professional products that can accelerate hair growth. First of all, you will need to buy a special lotion that is designed to stimulate hair growth. In addition, it will be necessary to arrange hair nutrition and hydration. For this purpose, various balms, masks, creams and other means are used, which you will select for your type of skin and hair. There are also multivitamin complexes, for example - biotin. Acceptance of such complexes will help healthy hair growth. Recently, ampoule preparations of well-known companies have enjoyed considerable popularity.They are good for the problem of weak and lifeless hair.

When growing long hair, pay great attention to caring for them. After all, dry and weak hair will never be able to please the eye. During the hair regrowth, you should intensively cleanse the scalp. To do this, in addition to shampoos, use balms, masks. This will contribute to the regeneration and action of lotions. After washing, be sure to remember about nutritional and moisturizing preparations.

To achieve the desired goal, do not be lazy to visit a cosmetologist. With the help of physiotherapy, ozone and mesotherapy can achieve a great effect. Physiotherapy can improve blood circulation, it will significantly affect hair growth, and ozone and mesotherapy will provide the scalp with essential nutrients, which is very important during the hair regrowth period.

Basic rules of care

During intensive growth hair needs special care. For any damage there is an obstacle to the rapid growth of hair. Even the use of pins can cause mechanical damage. To avoid this, use nutritious oils. Apply to the ends of the hair in order to prevent their separation.

Experts are still arguing about whether it is necessary to cut hair during their growing. Three months is considered to be the maximum term not to go to the hairdresser. If possible, it is recommended once a month to make a haircut with hot scissors, removing only a few millimeters. This method solders the hair, so nutrients are held for a long time in the structure of the hair.

Growing hair, try to give up the hair dryer, irons and tongs. If you constantly need to use them, use thermoprotective agents. Popular companies involved in the release of styling products, always recommend the use of such protection. There are other simple rules for styling. Before drying your hair with a hair dryer, dry them with your hands or a towel. During blow-drying, use the lowest possible amount of hot air flow and reduce as much as possible contact of hair with hot air.

Folk remedies for fast hair growth

Popular recipes for intensive hair growth to spare. But most women are confused by the sharp and unpleasant smell when using some methods.For active stimulation of the scalp, a fast method is widespread, in which a garlic or onion porridge is involved. Gruel should be rubbed into the hair for 40 minutes before washing your hair.

In women's forums in recent times is another very popular option to quickly grow hair. Mix one tablespoon of burdock and castor oil, brandy and egg yolk. All should be thoroughly mixed and an hour before taking a bath to put on your hair. For the effectiveness of the mask, you can add to a mixture of 6 ground yeast tablets, a spoonful of aloe juice and a few drops of vitamin A and E oil. This method has the most positive reviews.

Also, one popular method will help intensive hair growth - the most common tincture of pepper. This tincture can be done by yourself at home or purchased at the store. The tincture should be diluted with clean water in the ratio of one to ten and rub it before bedtime directly into the skin of the head.

Consider the example of another popular recipe. In order to quickly grow hair, use the beneficial properties of yeast. Once a week, dilute the yeast to the consistency of sour cream and make masks from the resulting gruel.There is a variant of the use of dietary supplements on a yeast basis half an hour before eating. It is enough to accept dietary supplements on one capsule within two weeks.

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