How to quickly hide acne: step by step instructions

If a pimple appeared at the last moment, use our tips.

We all find ourselves in situations where some imperfections appear on the face: rash, redness, acne or acne. It seems to us that it is very difficult to cope with this huge problem, especially if it is in the most prominent place, for example, on the forehead. We decided to find out whether it is possible to somehow disguise inflammations so that they would be imperceptible at arm's length, or even closer.

The most important thing is not to squeeze a pimple, not to pick it, and generally it’s better not to touch it, because you can only make it worse and disguise it will not be easy.

“I advise you to resort to professional cosmetic treatments that will not only mask the pimple, but will work for treatment. In emergency conditions, always drying out a drying lotion with a tone, such as the Holy Land brand. First, it disinfects the problem area, which is important so that the inflammation does not increase. Secondly, it dries and heals the inflammatory element.And finally, aligns the texture. If this is not enough, then you can use additional means of decorative cosmetics for masking, ”says Zarina Suleymanova, cosmetologist of the beauty salon“ MilFay ”.

How to disguise a pimple
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You can also wipe the pimple with salicylic acid so that it becomes less noticeable, and in order to dry the pimple, you can put a little toothpaste on it (it must be white to avoid irritation). Apply the paste should be dotted on a pimple on cleansed skin, it is best to leave on the face for half an hour.

It can also help in the fight against acne lemon juice. Vitamin C has astringent properties, so the pimple will dry out and appear smaller and not look so inflamed. Lavender oil can come to the rescue, it soothes and relieves inflammation, it can be applied all night.

How to disguise a pimple
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“The chief assistant in the fight against an unexpected guest is the proofreader. It is applied dotted on a pimple, scar, spot or on the problem area of ​​the face, driven into the skin with a finger. Liquid concealer mask acne rash, rubbing the product moistened with water sponge (thin sponge). The green corrector successfully masks the red sore pimple; blue - foci of rosacea, spots, ”says Elsa Sultanova, makeup artist at GO by Brow Bar Moscow.

Step-by-step instruction to disguise acne from Elsa Sultanova:

1. Degrease and clean the skin with a gel or tonic. To reduce redness, apply an ice cube to the inflamed area of ​​the skin for 50 seconds or smear it with drops from the cold (they have a vasoconstrictor effect).

2. As a base, apply a low-fat cream with anti-inflammatory ingredients.

3. Apply a foundation that has a slightly lighter shade of natural skin color.

4. Concealer green to put a dot in the center of a pimple or red spot. Gently shade this tool with the other side of the stick, which has flesh color.

5. Lightly powder the face to create a matte shade.

How to disguise a pimple
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If you find a pimple somewhere outside the home, then it is better to have with you the best sos-remedy - Blemish control gel (many brands have it), based on salicylic acid. It forms a film so that the concealer or any tonal tool does not peel off the pimple, while it heals, disinfects and heals. And concealer, foundation and powder should be your companions in any situation.

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