How to raise independence

At first,independencechild in the concept of kindergarten teacher. A child skillfully enough for his age can serve himself — to dress, wash, eat, clean up toys, make a bed, etc. This will require hard work to create and improve the skills of the baby. Day after day, hour after hour, you need to offer to participate in the necessary actions. It is necessary to praise the child in a timely manner not only for every successful attempt, but also for his efforts, even simply because he does not refuse to participate in household chores.
In fact, the kid is simply taught not to create problems. This is undoubtedly very important for a normal existence within the framework of ordinary living conditions. When raising this kind of independence, the implementation of actions according to a certain schedule is appreciated, deviations from order are welcomed only when they help to do the same, but quickly or better.But what happens if a child makes a mistake when trying to do something? Suppose, smashes a vase, which he tried to wash, or spoils pasta, trying to cook them for the first time without help? Yes, especially, if he was not asked about it? Most often, after such a miss, the child is discouraged to do something on their own, and, sometimes, for a very long time.
Here is the important question: what kind ofindependenceare adults raising children? The habitual execution of what is ordered, or the realindependencein decisions and deeds? While the child is very small, he constantly seeks to be active, from the point of view of the parents, completely meaningless and therefore subject to suppression. But no matter how troublesome and difficult it is, one should try to find a reason for praise and support in every action of the child. Of course, it is unrealistic to praise for everything. For example, for a spoon thrown on the floor, for frank whims or, say, for torn wallpaper.
But if your baby smeared cake on the floor, find out if he wanted to feed the dog himself for the first time? Before you rush for a rag, take the time to say how clever he is, and that next time you would like to feed the dog together.

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