How to recover quickly after cesarean

The postpartum period is 6-8 weeks, during which the reverse development of the female organs is completed, during pregnancy and due to childbirth, they undergo changes. During a cesarean section, the doctor dissects the uterine wall. After removing the fetus, it is sewn up. In the postpartum period, the prevention of infectious diseases in women is important. To prevent complications caused by infections, antibiotics can be administered to the parturient during and after the dissection surgery, after 12 and 24 hours. Antibiotics can be prescribed for 5-7 days. Refusing medication is not recommended so as not to harm your body.
During the recovery period, painkillers may be prescribed for the parturient depending on the intensity of the pain. These measures are applied no longer than 2-3 days after cesarean.
In order to recover faster, doctors recommend turning in bed within a couple of hours after the operation, while in the prone position, do a light warm-up with your hands and feet.You can get up, sit down and walk after 5-6 hours. Try not to strain your stomach and not to lift weights, so that the seams do not go apart.
For quick healing, a nurse daily treats the seam with green paint or manganese solution and sticks it with a sterile dressing. Usually on the 7th day the threads are absorbed or the seams are removed mechanically. But the dissection site itself should continue to be processed until complete healing. A sterile bandage will prevent friction of the seam on the linen, which will ensure its rapid healing. A skin scar should form on the 7th day, complete healing will occur in 2-3 weeks.
We should not forget about the care of the genital organs: after each urination they must be washed with warm water from front to back, you can use special antibacterial means of intimate hygiene.
In the postpartum period, you should wear a special postoperative bandage. It will contribute to the speedy recovery of weakened abdominal muscles. The bandage is worn for a month from the date of birth and more. Wear postoperative bandage is allowed from the first day after surgery.This device is very lightweight and elastic, it is a little tied down, but it lets in air, allowing the skin to breathe and the seam to tighten in a natural way. The bandage is put on over a sterile dressing. Utyazhka needed for the prevention of hernia, stabilize the position of the uterus and internal organs. The most important thing is that the bandage fixes the stitches and helps to reduce pain at the site of the cesarean section.
In the first months after surgery, it is better not to resort to physical exercise. Of course, it is necessary to restore the shape of the body, but it is impossible to swing the press due to the fact that the seams can easily disperse. It is necessary to wait 2 months.
And, of course, the young mother should follow all the recommendations of the doctor both in the first days after the operation, and after discharge home. Then recovery after a cesarean section will pass quickly, with high quality, without consequences for health and for future births.

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