How to reduce aggression in a child

Aggression in a child is a sure sign of emotional distress, one of the methods of psychological protection available to him, though. The behavior of the child can be provocative in nature - for him it is a way to relieve the accumulated anxiety, psycho-emotional stress.

Causes of child aggression

The reasons for the occurrence of aggressive behavior in a child are as follows:
- childbirth with pathology, which leave consequences in the form of brain damage;
- the wrong attitude in the family to the upbringing of the child;
- deterioration of living conditions in social terms;
- lack of attention on the part of children's institutions to the neuro-psychological states of the pupils.
Despite the fact that interest in this problem from a scientific point of view is increasing, for the most part measures are reduced to theoretical arguments about the causes of its occurrence and how it manifests itself.And a very small amount of research is based on real experience in correcting the situation or taking measures to prevent it. Moreover, for children of preschool age, timely correction of behavior can be extremely important, since their aggressiveness is not always the norm of behavior, but is in its infancy.

Games to help reduce aggression

Among the techniques that are used to reduce the child's aggressive behavior, can be applied very different. This is a demonstration of behavior without aggression, and discussion with the child of the current situation, and even complete disregard for undesirable behavior. The greatest effect can bring outdoor games, which must be selected depending on the age of children. Games can be, for example, such.
Children of 3-4 years old are greatly benefited by games with pillows - this is an absolutely safe and accessible projectile. The game "We beat out the dust" - the participants are dealt one by one pillow, supposedly very dusty, which he must clean, as he should be.
Children over five years old can be invited to play in the “assault of the fortress”, if there are enough unbreakable objects at hand to build. These can be pillows and blankets, chairs, cubes, winter clothes. Prepare the balls - “cannonballs”.In turn, the participants throw the “cores” into the fortress, until they succeed in breaking it into pieces. With each successful throw, it is supposed to publish loud victorious cries.
Outdoor games with loud cries help to dump the accumulated energy, which otherwise results in aggression, senseless running around
An adult, faced with the aggressiveness of children, should try to reduce stress, try to smooth the situation. To do this, you should first of all keep your emotions under control - this will help maintain normal relations with the child, not give impetus to the further development of the situation, and sometimes shows that the adult is still the master of the situation.

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