How to Refill Xerox Cartridge

To fill the Xerox 3117 or Xerox 3122 cartridge, divide it into two halves. To do this, place the cartridge on the table in the same way as it is installed in the printer, that is, the photosensitive drum from you. Using a cross-head screwdriver, unscrew the two screws connecting the top and bottom halves of the cartridge. They are located on its top.
Disconnect the two halves of the cartridge by shifting the top. Slide the top cover down a little, then away from you. To get to the toner hopper cover, remove the right side of the cartridge by pulling it sideways. If the side is too tight in its seat, use a slotted screwdriver and gently pry it.
Using pliers, remove the toner hopper cover. To refill the cartridge, you will need approximately 60 grams of Xerox P8E or Samsung ML-1210 toner. Prepare toner for sleep. To do this, the container in which the toner is stored must be shaken thoroughly. Put toner inside the hopper using a funnel. Close the lid.If it was damaged or loose when removed, place a piece of sealing material under it. This will prevent toner from spilling out during operation.
Remove the cleaning blade by unscrewing the two screws with a cross-head screwdriver. Wipe it off toner with a lint-free cloth. Perform the necessary cleaning. To do this, carefully shake the contents of the hopper with waste toner in the basket. Remove the charging shaft and wipe it with a tissue. Perform the same operation with a dosing blade.
Reinstall the cleaning and dosing blades. Insert the charging shaft into the mounts, after applying a small amount of conductive grease on them. Replace the side of the cartridge and connect the two halves to each other. Screw back the fastening screws.

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