How to remove tiles from the wall?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
April 22, 2015
How to remove tiles from the wall?

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How to remove tiles from the wall?

From time to time, any home needs repair. Of course, it is not difficult to paint the walls, but when you need to remove tiles from them, you will have to put a lot of effort. In this article we will talk about how to remove the tile from the wall in the shortest possible time.

Remove tiles from the wall

Many people would like to remove the tile without damaging it, in order to be able to use the material. However, this is possible only in the case when the tile was not glued very well.

Clean the tile joints, then take a chisel with a thin blade, if not, then a spatula will do.

Bring the tool under the tile and tamp with a hammer. Tile knock down from the top, otherwise it will break away.

When the old tile does not want to use with further, you can remove it in a more simple way. However, goggles will have to be worn to prevent tiles and dust from getting into your eyes. You will also need a hammer drill with a bit-bit.Position the tool at an angle to the tile, try to separate it from the wall, and then remove the mortar from the wall with a chisel and a hammer. Thus it will be possible to remove all tiles from the wall. This method can also be used to remove tiles from the floor.

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