How to repair a lens

Make sure that your photo equipment is not under warranty, otherwise, when you disassemble it, you will no longer be able to make claims in case of factory faults. After that, determine the cause of the breakdown - just like thatlens�you should not meddle. Such a problem as, for example, adjustment, cannot be solved independently.
Also if you have expensive high qualitylensit is better to take it in for repair (if you have purchased high-quality equipment, then you should not spare money for repairs).
Prepare the tools and place of work. Make sure that on the surface where you will disassemblelensThere was no dust and small debris. It�s better to cover the table with a white rag.
Disassemble the frontlensa. Use a screwdriver to pry and carefully remove the decorative sticker from the front lens. Below it are the mounting screws. Unscrew them and remove the lens. Then loosen the cylinder screws and remove the rubber ring from the zoom cylinder.Remove the bearing screws that are located in diameter and pull out the zoom ring underneath.
Turn thelens�and proceed to disassemble the rear. Remove the plastic protective ring. Inside it are latches. Pull them away with your finger and remove the ring. On the bayonet, unscrew the 2 screws and remove the contact plate. After unscrew the remaining screws and completely remove the bayonet.
Carefully pull the cables out of the connectors, loosen the 1 screw on the card and remove it. Replace torn or broken loops as needed. After that, you can remove the outer protective cylinder and ring of sharpness.
Unscrew the screws of the fastening ring, remove it and remove the zoom unit by unscrewing the screws securing it and removing it towards the frontlensa. Check the screw securing the guides. Often the problem is in it. Twist it and collectlens�in reverse order.

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