How to replace the glow plugs

You will need
  • - New glow plug;
  • - set of wrench heads.
On passenger cars equipped with a power unit with a CDI diesel engine, the cylinder head is closed on top with various decorative covers made of heat-resistant plastic. To get to the place of attachment of the glow plugs, these covers must be removed. The choice of tools intended for such work depends on the model and brand of car.
After dismantling the decorative cover, the upper part of the intake manifold is removed from the engine. You may also have to dismantle the air intake pipe with a turbocharger (if available).
Opening access to candlesheat, electrical connectors are removed from them and, as a rule, 11 mm with an end wrench; plugs are unscrewed from the cylinder head. In their place are installed new parts, the surface of which is pre-lubricated with refractory grease.
All further actions are performed by the master in the reverse order.

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